Expertise: Referral Agent
Region: Seattle/Tacoma Metro Area
Experience: 30+ Years
Company: DeVine Consulting
Contact: [email protected]

Victoria served as a local expert in the 2013 Best Senior Living Communities awards program in Seattle, WA.

About Victoria DeVine

I was born and raised in Tacoma, WA, and have lived in the greater Seattle area since college, currently residing in lovely Mukilteo. I first attended the Washington State University honors program, then the University of Washington (UW), graduating cum laude from the renown UW School of Nursing.

I worked in greater Seattle-area hospitals as a staff nurse, then a charge nurse, then spent five years at the downtown Seattle Puget Sound Blood Center apheresis and transfusion units starting their Transfusion Information Service and lecturing to Western Washington hospital staff and professional groups.

I worked for four years as a nursing supervisor then as Director of Nursing at Washington State home infusion services (IV Therapy at home). Then I spent 10 years in healthcare sales and marketing as regional manager, director and then vice president for a home infusion company, a home care company and a national nursing home company, respectively.

For the last 12 years, I have worked directly with seniors and their families to help them find the right homes and care, which has been a perfect match for me with my nursing background and experience, my intense knowledge of the Puget Sound area senior healthcare resources, and my love, patience, compassion and encouragement with people.

I LOVE helping morph family situations from worry, stress and anxiety to peace and improved quality of life for seniors and their families. I am blessed and honored to come alongside so many seniors and their families at these tender times to help them make their lives so much better.