Alabama Assisted Living

Cost of Alabama Assisted Living

Birmingham, AL (Alabama) as seen from across a body of water. The average cost of Assisted Living in Alabama is $3,075 per month. This is higher than the national average which is $2,877 per month.

In Alabama there are 210 Assisted Living Facilities. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

Map of Alabama Assisted Living Facilities

Overview of Alabama Assisted Living

Alabama is often called “the Heart of Dixie,” a name referring to the state’s geographical location in the center (or heart) of the South. With a mild year-round climate and infusion of Southern charm, it won’t take long for seniors who choose assisted living in Alabama to fall in love with the “Yellowhammer State.” Having such extensive involvement in the Civil War and later the Civil Rights Movement, Alabama is perhaps most famous for its historical past. History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute or Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery.

Assisted Living in Alabama Defined

Assisted living in Alabama is defined by the Alabama Department of Public Health as a facility in which

“an individual, individuals, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company or any other entity that provides, or offers to provide, residence and personal care to two or more individuals who are in need of assistance with activities of daily living.”

Alabama assisted living facilities are divided into three types based on size:
  • Family Assisted Living cares for 2-3 adult residents.
  • Group Assisted Living cares for 4-16 adult residents.
  • Congregate Assisted Living cares for 17 or more adult residents.
Assisted living communities are different from nursing homes. Nursing homes are for individuals who require frequent daily medical care, while assisted living is better suited for adults who require assistance with the activities of daily living, but whom are otherwise independent. You can find Family Assisted Living and Group Assisted Living can be found in our Care Homes category and nursing homes in Alabama in our Nursing Homes category.

Licensing of Alabama Assisted Living Facilities

In the state of Alabama, there are several types of facilities that provide care services for adults. Facilities that specifically provide assisted living services for the elderly are called assisted living facilities and specialty care assisted living facilities.
  • Assisted living facilities provide assistance with activities of daily living to 2 or more individuals as per Alabama Administrative Code (AAC) 420-5-4-.01.
  • Specialty care assisted living facilities meet the definition of an assisted living facility but they are specifically licensed to provide care for residents who have a cognitive impairment that would make them ineligible to stay at an assisted living facility as per AAC 420-5-20-.01.
The Alabama Department of Public Health Bureau of Health Provider Standards is responsible for licensing health care facilities. To learn more on how assisted living facilities in Alabama are licensed, please visit our Alabama Licensing Summary. Back to Top