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Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH (New Hampshire) The average cost of Assisted Living in New Hampshire is $5,103 per month. This is higher than the national average which is $2,877 per month.

In New Hampshire there are 74 Assisted Living Facilities. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

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Overview of New Hampshire Assisted Living

New Hampshire, also known as “The Granite State,” is proud to be one of the original 13 colonies that founded the United States of America (US) and is considered the number one most-livable state in the country. In June 1788, it became the ninth state to ratify the articles of the US Constitution. No doubt, New Hampshire has some history in its bones. Residents of New Hampshire practice under the state motto “Live Free or Die,” and enjoy no general sales tax or tax on personal income at both the state and local levels. Seniors who choose assisted living in New Hampshire bask in gorgeous fall foliage, summer cottages, and the beauty and recreation that accompany its many lakes and miles of seacoast.

Assisted Living in New Hampshire Defined

New Hampshire Assisted LivingNew Hampshire assisted living facilities are licensed under the categories of Residential Care Home Facility and Supported Residential Care Home Facility. Residential care home facilities provide board and lodging, along with assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, personal hygiene, walking and other needs, such as medication assistance and observation of residents’ overall emotional and physical well-being. Residential care home facilities are operated on a 24/7 basis to provide for all a resident’s personal care, social, recreational and occupational needs.

A supported residential care home facility offers the same type of care as a non-supported care facility, but is designed for those who have a greater medical need. Nursing intervention is offered for residents who need more assistance than what is provided at a residential care home facility, but not as much as is provided at a traditional nursing home.

Regulation of New Hampshire Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living in New Hampshire is regulated by the New Hampshire Bureau of Health Facilities Administration (HFA). The Health Facility Licensing Unit is responsible for the licensing and inspection of both nursing homes and residential care facilities in the state. Residential care home facility administrators as well as registered nurses must qualify for licensure under the rules regulated by the HFA. Registered nurses who wish to keep their licensure are responsible for the completion of 30 contact hours of continuing education requirements every two years. Back to Top