Carol L. Howell of Senior Life Journeys Expertise:  Dementia Specialist
Region:  Charlotte Metro
Experience:  26 Years
Company:  Senior Life Journeys

Carol Howell served as a local expert in the 2013 Best Senior Living Communities awards program in the Charlotte Metro Area.

About Carol Howell

Carol Howell is a Certified Dementia Specialist and Endorsed Life Coach. After her husband’s closed-head injury in 1996 and her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in 2006, Carol began her study of the brain and the various forms of dementia that exist.

Through her company, Senior Life Journeys, she is actively involved in the lives of individuals who are caregiving for a loved one with dementia as she helps them develop caregiving techniques. Carol works with the folks who have dementia through Choral Music Therapy, Memory Music Therapy and Hospice Music Therapy.

Carol’s latest book, Let’s Talk Dementia—A Caregiver’s Guide, is an Amazon #1 Best Seller, and it is an easy-to-read guide for caregivers of individuals with dementia. It is scattered with humor to help bring smiles back into the lives of overworked caregivers.

Carol is actively involved in helping families find new homes for their loved ones seeking group home living. She offers placement service at no cost whatsoever to individuals with whom she works.

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