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Getting Started With Elder Care

Choosing housing and care services for an older person can be tough – it’s complicated, emotional and expensive, and every person’s circumstances are unique. Few of us have the experience to know how to do it right.

Six Steps to Determining Elder Care Needs

We’ve outlined six steps to determine an older adult’s care needs. Read more about how to assess an older adult’s needs

Senior Care Options

Understanding the different senior care options is an important step on your journey to find the right setting for your loved one. As you read through this list and move forward in your search, keep in mind a good rule of thumb is “safety first.” Which option offers the most safety for your loved one? Read more about senior care options

Geriatric Care Managers Can Help

Where can your turn when those conversations about senior care become difficult?  Who’s available to help you sort through all the options?  Is there a neutral third party who can listen objectively and make recommendations?  If you’re miles away who can make a personal visit to assess care needs?  The answer: geriatric care managers. Learn more about geriatric care managers

Geriatric Care Management: Creating a Plan and a Team

Geriatric care management is the process of assessing a senior’s needs for medical and personal services, developing a care plan, coordinating services, monitoring outcomes and adapting services to changing circumstances.  Typically the geriatric care management team is led by a geriatric care manager who is a qualified nurse or social worker.   Every senior and family situation is different, so the make up of the geriatric care management team will vary.

Elderly Parents: To Move or Not to Move

The answer is typically a blend of personal preference, desired lifestyle, financial resources and health care needs.  Ideally the decision to move is a matter of choice; frequently it is driven by necessity.   At some point all families wonder if elderly parents should remain at home or move to one of the many senior care options.

Long-Term Care Facilities: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing a long-term care facility is a big decision. It requires you to make important choices about where you will live, who will be providing your health care and assisting you with daily living tasks, how much you will pay for these services, who will be your neighbors, and so much more. Read more about how to choose a long term care facility

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