Independent living is a favorite option of self-reliant seniors who wish to maintain active lifestyles and enjoy the convenience of having cultural, social and physical services at their fingertips. Below are several informational articles to help you learn more about independent living and how to select a community.

An Overview of Independent Living

Independent living communities are a type of retirement communities designed for seniors who are generally in good health and do not need professional assistance or supervision of their daily activities. Seniors are free to enter and leave the community as often they wish. However, many choose to take advantage of the amenities, activities and sense of community offered by their like-minded neighbors. Read more about Independent Living

Independent Living Costs

Independent senior living communities provide a lifestyle free of the responsibilities that can become increasingly difficult for older adults. What you might not realize is that independent living costs are often comparable or even less expensive than those required to own and maintain a home. Read more about Independent Living Costs

The Advantages of Joining an Independent Living Community

Seniors often thrive in independent living communities due to increased opportunities to exercise, socialize and participate in active living. Populated by individuals who are committed to living life to the fullest, independent living communities encourage residents to participate in exercise programs and social activities that provide the foundation for a quality retirement lifestyle. Learn more about Active Living

How to Choose an Independent Living Community

When your parents are ready to join an independent living community, you should use the same criteria when purchasing a house as you would a community. In addition to asking whether they can afford the monthly rent, your parents should also consider what activities and services are provided by the community. Read more about choosing an Independent Living Facility

The Search for an Independent Living Community: Joan’s Journey

Joan London is a freelance writer from Baltimore, MD, who lives in a 55+ condominium with Mia, her sweet Russian Blue rescue cat. Writing about her search for the just-right-fit senior living facility on the West Coast, her blog explores the pros and cons, ups and downs, whys and why nots of this 67-year-old single woman’s new life journey. Read the latest installment of Joan’s Search for Independent Living

Find Independent Living

Our directory of independent living communities can help simplify your search for independent living. Find Independent Living