Greensboro Independent Living

Average Cost: $4,500

Reviews of Greensboro Independent Living Communities

Abbotswood at Irving Park

Review by Anmarie


My visit to Abbotswood was very good. It's a nice place, but the bathrooms have not been upgraded, so you can't get a wheelchair in there. The staff was very nice, and treated us to lunch; the food was excellent.

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Carolina Estates

Review by NS


My tour at Carolina Estates was very nice. The people were very friendly, the apartments were small, but they were nice. I had lunch there and the food was good. They have a library, meeting rooms, there's a place to watch movies, and a nice dining room. The usual people who showed me around were really nice too.

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Map of Greensboro Independent Living Facilities

Information About Independent Living Facility in Greensboro

A city of less than 300,000 residents, Greensboro is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. In the mid 1800s, it was known as the ‘Gate City’ owing to the major role it played as a transportation hub for the state. By the 1900s, Greensboro became the center of the southern textile industry. It had several large factories producing different kinds of textiles including denim and flannel. Revolution Mill, Cone Mills, Greensboro The city played a critical role during the Civil Rights Movement when four African-American college students refused to leave a Woolworth diner after being refused service at the lunch counter. From this non-violent sit-in protest, a youth-led movement challenging racial equality in the South began. Greensboro independent living residents benefit from the city's rich cultural history, ideal climate, and plenty of activities and recreational opportunities.

Organizations Serving Seniors in Greensboro

The Smith Senior Center on Fairview Street has a comprehensive program that aims to enhance and support senior life in Greensboro. Older adults who choose independent living in Greensboro can avail of AARP tax aid services, free health checks, insurance counseling, hearing screenings, and much more from the center. The AHOY program (Add Health to Our Years) offers low-impact exercise classes to seniors age 55 and older. Trained instructors assist and encourage seniors participate in age-appropriate activities including strength training and aerobics.

Greensboro Senior-Friendly Activities

The best place to learn about the rich and interesting history of Greensboro is by visiting the Greensboro Historical Museum. More than 17,000 square feet, the museum is a treasure trove of educational artifacts and information about the people and events that shaped not only the history of Greensboro but of the nation as well. From some of its famous residents (Dolly Madison, O. Henry, and Charles Henry Moore among others) to the role Greensboro played in the Civil Rights Movement, visitors will be enthralled by the museum’s many permanent exhibits. For those who enjoy shopping and people-watching, Downtown Greensboro is the place to be. A vibrant urban center, Downtown Greensboro offers a mix of shops, museums, restaurants, and more. The Greensboro Science Center offers education and adventure in one, the perfect outing when friends and family are visiting from out of town. With plenty of sights and activities for people of all ages, the Greensboro Science Center is one of many activities that make independent living in Greensboro an excellent choice for seniors.

Greensboro Medical Facilities

The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital is 536-bed medical facility that is also a teaching hospital and referral center. It is a Level II Trauma Center and houses a children’s emergency department. The seasoned doctors and medical personnel at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital are recognized experts in neurosciences, orthopedics, stroke and heart care, and many other medical fields. The hospital is part of Cone Health, one of the region’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare networks. High Point Regional Health has 351 beds, a staff of more than 2,300 highly trained medical personnel and serves well over 120,000 patients each year. In addition to having well-known cancer and neuroscience centers, High Point Regional has a Joint Replacement Center as well as a diabetes self-care management center. These world-class medical facilities make Greensboro independent living an attractive and exciting opportunity for older adults.

Senior-Friendly Transportation in Greensboro

There are a number of transportation options for seniors in Greensboro. Information about these options can be found at Guilford senior resources. Whether you're headed to a medical appointment or a social event, the transportation resources found here are a good place to start your trip. This service is invaluable for Greensboro independent living seniors who still lead full and active lives. Begin your search for senior housing by reviewing our options for Greensboro independent living. Start enjoying everything that this thriving city has to offer – interesting historical attractions, top-of-the-line medical care, and an effective transportation network. Back to Top