Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Costs: Facts & Figures

The cost of joining memory care community varies upon several factors which typically include:

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, by 2025 there will be 7.1 million seniors age 65 and older diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Because this disease can cause behavioral and emotional changes, specialized care is often needed to ensure that these individuals can continue living a full life. Increasingly senior living communities are designed to cater solely to seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, incorporating design elements such as sun-filled rooms and color cuing to help with way finding. Unfortunately for families, the cost of care at these communities is quite expensive compared to assisted living communities.

Memory Care Costs by State

Unlike assisted living and nursing home costs which are published annually by Genworth Financial, there is very little published state-by-state cost information available on Alzheimer’s and dementia care. To help you budget for when a loved one needs to join a memory care community, has compiled pricing* for each state.

State Monthly Average Monthly Minimum Monthly Maximum
Alabama $4,101 $1,800 $5,695
Arkansas $3,792 $2,550 $5,525
Arizona $4,160 $2,845 $6,210
California $4,524 $2,320 $8,200
Colorado $4,828 $2,020 $7,595
Connecticut $5,344 $3,000 $8,280
Delaware $4,990 $3,700 $7,410
Florida $3,817 $2,000 $5,795
Georgia $4,036 $2,575 $5,430
Iowa $4,620 $3,000 $6,025
Idaho $3,165 $2,495 $4,000
Illinois $4,950 $1,265 $7,180
Indiana $4,610 $1,800 $8,550
Kansas $4,813 $3,315 $6,685
Kentucky $4,403 $3,750 $5,370
Louisiana $3,892 $2,825 $5,000
Massachusetts $5,642 $3,475 $8,750
Maryland $4,822 $3,100 $6,840
Maine $5,800 $5,130 $6,300
Michigan $4,265 $2,660 $6,020
Minnesota $4,511 $2,304 $5,700
Missouri $4,760 $3,294 $5,185
Mississippi $3,233 $2,425 $4,285
Montana $4,108 $3,900 $4,350
North Carolina $4,381 $2,950 $5,800
Nebraska $4,813 $4,150 $5,195
New Hampshire $5,208 $2,900 $6,900
New Jersey $5,238 $3,395 $7,500
New Mexico $3,440 $2,895 $4,125
Nevada $4,391 $3,200 $5,475
New York $5,055 $2,975 $10,099
Ohio $4,559 $1,800 $7,665
Oklahoma $3,862 $2,725 $5,590
Oregon $3,854 $2,393 $5,200
Pennsylvania $4,599 $2,095 $10,447
Rhode Island $5,270 $5,050 $5,490
South Carolina $3,703 $2,320 $5,156
Tennessee $3,841 $2,360 $5,800
Texas $4,520 $1,950 $6,300
Utah $4,528 $3,100 $5,850
Virginia $4,100 $1,800 $6,850
Vermont $5,575 $3,500 $7,650
Washington $3,983 $2,600 $5,000
Wisconsin $4,220 $3,600 $5,700

*2015 Cost data provided by senior living communities and compiled by is subject to change without notice. This data is for informational purposes only and may contain inaccuracies. Your actual senior living costs may vary depending on your personal situation.

The states with the most expensive median monthly memory care costs are:

  1. Maine – $5,800
  2. Massachusetts – $5,642
  3. Vermont – $5,575
  4. Connecticut – $5,344
  5. Rhode Island – $5,270

The states with the least expensive median monthly memory care costs are:

  1. Idaho – $3,165
  2. Mississippi – $3,233
  3. New Mexico – $3,440
  4. South Carolina – $3,703
  5. Arkansas – $3,792

Size of Accommodations Selected

When joining a memory care community, families can usually choose between a private or companion suite. High-end communities may also offer one-bedroom floor plans. The layout of memory care apartments is usually standard across communities:  a private bathroom, bed, dresser, closet and an end table. To make the space feel like home, residents are encouraged to decorate their room with personal belongings, and many communities have memory boxes outside the room to aid in way finding.

Communities typically offer either a month-to-month leases or one-year leases that may be renewed.

Level of Care Required

Upon admission a licensed nurse conducts an assessment which forms the basis of a care plan outlining the level and frequency of supportive services that will be provided. Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia often require assistance with all activities of daily living and may even require one-on-one assistance for tasks.

In most cases a point system or levels of care are used to breakdown the costs for these assisted living services. When a point system is used, each type of care and the frequency in which it’s provided determines the monthly cost. For example, medication management/administration once a day may cost an additional $150 per month while the same service provided three times a day may cost an additional $300 per month.

Levels of care may be based upon a point system as well, with this type of cost determination often providing less flexibility in monthly costs. For example, a resident may fall between a Level One and a Level Two but they must pay for Level Two care as their needs exceed Level One.

Additional Costs

Memory care communities charge a refundable deposit fee, which secures a particular apartment within the community for a specific period of time (usually two weeks). Once a resident moves in, this deposit usually applies toward the one-time community fee (the name of this fee may vary). Ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, this non-refundable fee covers administrative expenses and the cost of apartment renovations between residents.

Other costs may include charges for private transportation, off-site activities, guest meals and use of a guest apartment within the community. There may also be a monthly pet fee or second person fee if a couple shares an apartment.

More Information on Memory Care Costs

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