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Assisted Living in Deerfield Beach, FL

The average cost of assisted living in the city is $3,350 a month. This guide is a starting point covering the cost of assisted living care in the city, as well as financing options to pay for it. You’ll find in-depth information on 6 assisted living facilities in Deerfield Beach and 30 in surrounding areas.

  • Assisted living: $3,350
  • Nursing home semiprivate room: $8,699
  • In-home care: $3,337
  • Adult day health services: $1,408

Brookdale Deer Creek

2403 W. Hillsboro Boulevard
Deerfield Beach, FL

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

7 Reviews

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

7 Reviews

Near two shopping centers and minutes from beaches and Boca Raton, Brookdale Deer Creek is an elegantly appointed senior community offering assisted living and memory care.

Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach

1050 SW 24th Ave
Deerfield Beach, FL

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

3 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

3 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Welcome to Grand Villa of Deerfield Beach! Our lovely assisted living community is located in Deerfield Beach, FL, and minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. Grand Villa offers outstanding features and amenities that help our residents live every day to the…

The Horizon Club

1208 South Military Trail
Deerfield Beach, FL

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Experience resort-style living in an elegant atmosphere at The Horizon Club, an independent and assisted living senior community nestled on 15 lush acres in Deerfield Beach.

The Forum at Deer Creek

3001 Deer Creek Country Club Blvd
Deerfield Beach, FL

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Keval Exquisite Care II

323 NW 45th Avenue
Deerfield Beach, FL

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Starting at XXXX per month

Keval Exquisite Care II is an inviting home offering a selection of amenities and supportive services for Deerfield Beach seniors to consider.

Willow Bay Senior Resort

4001 West Hillsboro Boulevard,
Deerfield Beach, FL

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

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Reviews of Deerfield Beach Assisted Living Facilities

Brookdale Deer Creek

Review by Charlene | Consumer

My family memember had a lot of things stolen from her room over a period of time. Rooms are not locked and many people have access to residents' rooms. Nothing was done about this despite it being reported. Response times to calls for help are very slow. Some staff are very caring but others are unkind to residents...

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Brookdale Deer Creek

Review by Visitor | Consumer

Brookdale Deer Creek was the best that I saw. It was well maintained, friendly, and close and didn't smell. The staff’s attitude was mostly very good. The food looked good.

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Brookdale Deer Creek

Review by Visitor | Consumer

We went to Brookdale Deer Creek, but the calendar on their wall still had the March schedule up in April. I asked the young girl if I could see the memory department because it had doors and was separated, and she said, "Oh, you don't see that now." To me, that was a big red flag. If somebody visits the place and they ...

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Brookdale Deer Creek

Review by Visitor | Consumer

Brookdale Deer Creek was very good, but it needed a little updating. It was a very nice place, but it didn't have as many facilities as the other place I've visited. The attitude of the staff, and the housekeeping was all good. The management team was all very good. The rooms and apartments were nice and adequate in te...

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Brookdale Deer Creek

Review by Diane | Consumer

The place looked really nice but it was a pig with lipstick on. The care my Mom got was sub-standard. The food was awful, the housekeeping didn't do the room half the time and they failed to change the mattress cover, which I had requested, I had left 3 so it would be easy. They gave her her meds wrong and we had 20 pi...

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Brookdale Deer Creek

Review by Jayne | Consumer

Brookdale Deer Creek was nice and clean, and the people were nice. The biggest thing was the walking distance to the dining room because my mother gets tired easily. A girl showed me two rooms, which were very nice, but not big enough and did not a whole lot of closet space. I did not see any washer and dryer in the on...

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Map of Deerfield Beach Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Costs in Deerfield Beach

According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care study, assisted living in Deerfield Beach has a lower average monthly cost compared to the Florida average of $3,500 and the national average of $4,000 per month.

Within the state of Florida, the lowest assisted living costs can be found in Lakeland and Sebring with averages of $2,808 and $3,038 per month, respectively. The most expensive area is Naples, with an average of $5,448 per month, adding more than 50 percent to the cost compared to Deerfield Beach.

Note: Data for the cost of care for seniors was not available for Deerfield Beach, so data for the nearest major area, Miami, was used.

Cost of Assisted Living Comparison Chart

  • Deerfield Beach/Miami area: $3,350
  • National average: $4,000
  • State average: $3,500
  • Port St. Lucie: $3,620
  • Naples Area: $5,448
  • Cape Coral: $4,000
  • Sebring: $3,038
  • Sebastian: $3,524
  • Lakeland: $2,808

Care Cost Comparison

As with other areas of the state and country, the cost of senior care is based on the level of service required. The cost of in-home services in Deerfield Beach is comparable to the cost of assisted living. However, it’s important to note that most facilities include food and utilities in the monthly bill. Seniors considering in-home care should account for living expenses when comparing costs. 

There is a large gap between the cost of assisted living and nursing home care. The average cost of a nursing facility in Deerfield Beach is almost three times that of assisted living, which makes the choice between levels of care even more important in this part of Florida.

Cost of Homemaker/Home Health Aide Comparison Chart

  • Assisted living: $3,350
  • Homemaker services: $3,337
  • Home health aide: $3,432
  • Adult day health: $1,408
  • Nursing home care (semiprivate room): $8,699

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Deerfield Beach

Medicaid in Florida

Medicaid is a state and nationally funded program that can provide basic medical coverage and other benefits for low-income families and individuals. In Florida, Medicaid is managed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

Florida Medicaid can help seniors pay for certain costs of assisted living, but it doesn’t cover room and board at this type of facility. Most Medicaid services associated with assisted living are provided through waivers, which are explained below.

Medicaid funding for assisted living is not considered an entitlement in Florida, so there may be a waiting list to receive services. However, the state guarantees immediate Medicaid funding for nursing home stays.

Applicants for Medicaid must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 65 years of age (or meets the Social Security requirements for disability if under 65)
  • Legal resident of Florida
  • Monthly income limit of $2,199 for an individual ($4,398 for a couple)
  • Maximum of $2,000 in assets for an individual ($3,000 for a couple)

Visit the Florida Medicaid website for more information, or apply for Medicaid at ACCESS Florida.

Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) Program

Most recipients of Medicaid are already enrolled in the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) program. This program covers all of the Medicaid waivers for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) that are available in Florida and may help to pay for some of the costs associated with assisted living.

The SMMC program is split in three plans:

  • Long-Term Care (LTC)
  • Managed Medical Assistance (MMA)
  • Dental

Applicants can receive services from one or more of the above plans. The Long-Term Care (LTC) plan can help to cover services such as assisted living, nursing homes and in-home care. The Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) plan covers various medical services such as prescription drugs, doctors and hospitals, mental health treatment and transportation for approved purposes. The dental plan covers all Medicaid dental services and is mandatory for everyone on Medicaid.

More details can be found in the financial eligibility chart. Visit the Florida Medicaid website to get started and apply for coverage, and read more about the SMMC program.

Other Financial Assistance Programs for Assisted Living

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE is a federally funded program for anyone aged 55 years or older who is also eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. The goal of this program is to allow seniors to remain in their own home as opposed to entering a nursing home.

Certified PACE organizations provide various levels of care, from in-home to nursing facilities and specialized centers, as well as various services such as primary care, meal delivery and prescription drugs.

This program does not directly cover all services associated with assisted living. However, it may help to pay for certain aspects of care in an assisted living facility.

Applicants for PACE must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 55 years of age
  • At risk of being institutionalized
  • Residing in a PACE-designated area
  • Can safely live in the community (not necessarily living alone)

Find out more about the eligibility and application process at the Florida Department of Elder Affairs website. Alternatively, residents of Deerfield Beach can contact the Broward County branch of PACE in Miramar at (954) 441-7079.

Optional State Supplementation (OSS)

Florida’s Department of Children and Families provides this program that may help low-income seniors pay for certain aspects of assisted living. The OSS is designed to help people who can no longer live independently and require assistance on a regular basis.

Unlike the Medicaid plan and waivers, OSS is intended to help with the cost of room and board and other out-of-pocket expenses. The maximum monthly payment for an individual is $78.40, and for couples, it’s $156.80. 

Applicants for the OSS program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 65 years of age (or disabled if under 65)
  • Legal resident of Florida
  • Assessed by a case manager as needing a nursing facility level of care
  • Maximum income of $752 for an individual ($1,504 for a couple)
  • Assets at or below the maximum allowed for Medicaid ($2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple)

A case manager will usually make the application for OSS. Alternatively, seniors or their caregivers can apply through the ACCESS Florida website or call 1-866-762-2237 for more information.

Assisted Living Resources in Deerfield Beach

Area Agency on Aging

The local branch of the Area Agency on Aging for residents of Deerfield Beach is the Broward County ADRC. This agency can explain the options on many senior-related and low-income services in the area such as food and transportation assistance as well as Medicaid and insurance issues.

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Broward County
5300 Hiatus Rd, Sunrise, FL 33351
(954) 745-9779

Veterans Services

Contact the local VA provider for Deerfield Beach to find out which benefits are available for veterans or their surviving spouse. There may be extra payments available on top of the regular monthly pension that could help to pay for assisted living.

Pompano Beach Vet Center
2300 West Sample Rd, Suite 102, Pompano, FL 33073
(954) 984-1669

Senior Centers and Wellness Programs

Seniors in the Deerfield Beach area, as well as their caregivers and family, may benefit from the senior centers and wellness programs available. These centers are a great resource for anyone who needs support with aging-related issues, congregate meals and low-cost transportation.

Center for Active Aging
227 NW 2nd St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
(954) 480-4441

The Volen Center
1515 West Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33486
(561) 395-8920

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