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Overview of Texas Retirement Communities

The State of Texas is a fantastic place for retirees. Many of the current residents of Texas retirement communities are transplants from out of state who choose to retire here. The benefits of retiring in Texas include a dry climate and a cheaper cost of living than many large cities and suburbs. The State of Texas has some of the most valuable cultural heritage in the United States. Many people do not know that Texas was once an independent nation and there are many museums dedicated to the unique history of the area. Other attractions in Texas include some of the best private hunting lands in the world, sprawling cities like Houston and Dallas, as well as very fair taxation levels. Texas also has some of the most beautiful forests and grassland in the entire United States.

Retirement Communities in Texas Defined

Retirement communities offer age-restricted communal living for senior citizens. Residents live independently in private apartments or cottage-style homes without the assistance of staff or caregivers. This makes retirement communities different from assisted living facilities or nursing homes where residents rely on help from staff members to complete daily life activities such as dressing, bathing or taking medications. Seniors who choose to live in Texas retirement communities enjoy the benefits of community living, such as 24-hour staffing, building and grounds maintenance, housekeeping and activities, while still maintaining enough flexibility and independence to create the retirement lifestyle of their choice. Back to Top