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Home to both urban places and wide-open spaces, Tennessee’s lakes, rivers and parks provide the perfect setting for outdoor activities while the state’s fine arts scene thrives alongside regional crafts. Major medical centers, colleges and universities, and active civic organizations create a tight-knit sense of community for Tennessee residents. The state’s biggest claim to fame is its musical heritage, being the birthplace of Elvis Presley, the blues, country, gospel and bluegrass music. With an abundance of natural landscape to enjoy, fishing, boating and hiking are popular activities among retirees, especially at one of Tennessee’s 54 state parks. Second only to Virginia in witnessing the most Civil War battles, Tennessee is also known for its historical preservation of Civil War battlefields, such as Shiloh, Lookout Mountain and Stones River, attracting history buffs throughout the United States. The state is also a part of the scenic “Trail of Tears,” beginning east of Chattanooga and heading north toward Kentucky.

Retirement Communities in Tennessee Defined

A Tennessee retirement community is a great option for the mature adult in good health who is looking to downsize their home in order to maximize their independence in retirement. Offering age-restricted residential housing in a community of like-minded neighbors, retirement communities take care of the day-to-day chores of home ownership, from shoveling snow to fixing leaky faucets to cooking meals, while allowing their residents the freedom to enjoy retirement living to the fullest. Many retirement homes are much more than just places to live, they are vibrant communities with communal amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and clubhouses. There are often scheduled activities and organized outings. Retirement communities differ from other senior living options such as  assisted living facilities and nursing homes in that the staff at retirement communities do not provide any personal care or medical services. Back to Top