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Assisted Living in Edmond, OK

The average cost of assisted living in the city is $3,339 a month. This guide is a starting point covering the cost of assisted living care in the city, as well as financing options to pay for it. You’ll find in-depth information on 12 assisted living facilities in Edmond and 24 in surrounding areas.

The Cost of Senior Care in Edmond, OK

  • Assisted Living: $3,339
  • Nursing Home Care: $4,958
  • In-home Care: $3,432
  • Adult Day Health Services: $1,300

StoneCreek Assisted Living & Memory Care

17701 N. Western Ave.
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

3 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

3 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

At StoneCreek, we are committed to providing the services that add ease, convenience, and a pleasure to everyday living. Our assisted living and memory care community offers seniors and their families distinctive lifestyle choices to savor and enjoy. From our…

Lyndale Edmond

1225 Lakeshore Drive
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

3 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

3 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Located in a park-like environment in Edmond, Copper Lake Estates is a beautiful retirement community offering both independent living and assisted living.

Legend at Jefferson's Garden

15401 North Pennsylvania Avenue
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

1 Review

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

1 Reviews

Legend at Jefferson's Garden is an assisted living residence dedicated to providing quality services in a warm, comfortable environment. We offer professional, personalized services designed to enhance the quality of life for those we serve. We remain ded

Villagio at Bradford Village

300 Enz Drive
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Starting at XXXX per month

Bradford Village provides Edmond seniors with an ideal setting in which to enjoy their retirement years in relaxation and fun.

Brookdale Edmond Santa Fe

1500 North Santa Fe Ave.
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

At Brookdale Edmond Santa Fe, our caregivers go above and beyond the status quo so that our residents may live a life that is both rich and luxurious.

Brookdale Edmond Danforth

116 West Danforth Rd.
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

When you choose assisted living at Brookdale Edmond Danforth, you’re choosing comfort, stability and top-tier care. Located in Edmond, our community is at the center of it all.

The Veraden

2709 E. Danforth Road
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Starting at XXXX per month

Opening This Winter The Veraden is a premiere retirement community for active seniors. Chef-prepared meals, social activities, wellness initiatives and complimentary transportation will be offered daily. The Veraden is at the heart of Edmond, minutes away from downtown, shopping and…

Eden Care of North Edmond

13701 S Santa Fe
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Eden Care Homes: There Is No Place Like Home... This familiar sentiment rings especially true for Elders. Eden Care Homes are HOMES situated in quiet ...

Touchmark at Coffee Creek

2801 Shortgrass Rd
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Coffee Creek residents say Touchmark's retirement lifestyle is like a 25-acre cruise ship with every service at your fingertips. Privileged access to ...

Tealridge Retirement Community

2200 NE 140th St
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Tealridge Retirement Community is the premier Christian retirement community locally owned by Oklahoma Christian University offering a unique lifestyl...

Legend at Jefferson’s Garden

15401 N Pennsylvania Ave
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Teal Creek Senior Living

13501 N Bryant Ave
Edmond, OK

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Teal Creek Senior Living is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, a city along the scenic Route 66. Dubbed as the Crown Jewel of the State, Edmond is home to several competitive sports facilities, casual and gourmet dining options, shopping areas and…

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Reviews of Edmond Assisted Living Facilities

Legend at Jefferson's Garden

Review by Cynthis | Consumer

My mother moved into the Legend at Jefferson's Garden. It's a smaller place that had almost one-on-one care. So far, it's going OK. It's on the same big block my son lives on, it's easy to get to, and the grounds are nice. She has a living area, and the bedroom is separated by a hallway, a sink, a microwave, and a frid...

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Lyndale Edmond

Review by Shirley | Consumer

Lyndale Edmond was very nice. The staff members were also very nice, confident, and knew what they were doing. We saw a room in the assisted living section and it was nice and clean. They have a regular dining room for a lot of people and it also looked fine. They should put up a sign with the right name so people know...

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Lyndale Edmond

Review by MFriedel | Consumer

My mother-in-law and aunt were in Lyndale Edmond previously which was why we also chose it for my mom. She's in independent living and it's been great. They offered them a lot of activities physically and off-site, walking activities, church, a place to get hair done, and exercise. They're building a hot tub, pool, rec...

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Lyndale Edmond

Review by Patrick | Consumer

My mother is a resident of Lyndale Edmond. It's a well-run, non pretentious, homey atmosphere where they genuinely care about the residents. The staff is great and very attentive. They have apartments, they have variety, 1 bed, 2 beds, studios, lake-side, and not lake-side options. They have a completely full monthly s...

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StoneCreek Assisted Living & Memory Care

Review by Home Health worker | Consumer

I travel to several nursing facilities all over the Edmond and OKC area and I must say Stone Creek is by far the very best of them all. They are all attentive to the resident needs. The food smells phenominal. The place is clean and free of any smells you\'d expect in nursing facilities. The staff is always friendly an...

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StoneCreek Assisted Living & Memory Care

Review by Anthony Larsen | Consumer

My mom is very pleased at Stonecreek. They are very attentive to her needs. She has made quite a few new friends there and loves the atmosphere. The food is very good, not something you would expect in a nursing type facility. The nurse Frank is wonderful. Very focused on his patients and jokes around with them often. ...

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Map of Edmond Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Costs in Edmond

As shown in Genworth’s 2018 Cost of Care survey, monthly average assisted living costs in Edmond ($3,339) are nearly equal to the state’s average of $3,325. Almost $700 less per month than the $4,000 national average, the assisted living expense in Edmond is also lower than in Tulsa ($3,488), where costs are the highest in the state. Seniors in Enid pay the lowest amount in the state for assisted living at $2,860 per month, while those in Lawton ($3,238) pay slightly less than those in Edmond. In the nearby state of Kansas, seniors in Wichita ($4,728) pay significantly more.

Note: Senior care cost data wasn’t available for Edmond, so data for the closest area, Oklahoma City, was used.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Surrounding Areas

Care Cost Comparison

In Edmond, all types of senior care average below $5,000 per month. At $4,958, skilled, full-time nursing home care is the most expensive care type, while adult day health services are the least costly at $1,300 per month.

The upfront average monthly costs of assisted living ($3,339) in Edmond are less than those of home health care services, which include homemaker services ($3,432) and home health aides ($3,909). The difference in costs between care types appears even greater when considering that assisted living fees often include living expenses not included with home health care, such as maintenance, daily meals and rent.

Senior Care Cost Comparison Chart

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Edmond

Medicaid in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the Medicaid program is termed SoonerCare. It provides eligible, low-income individuals with free and low-cost medically necessary health care services. 

Benefits of SoonerCare may include:

  • Ambulatory care
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • Mental health care
  • Nursing facility care
  • Nutritional services
  • Personal care services
  • SoonerRide transportation services to medical appointments
  • Home health services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Laboratory services
  • Limited denture and dental services

Along with being an Oklahoma resident and U.S. citizen, there are certain financial criteria that Edmond seniors who are aged 65 and older, blind or disabled must meet to qualify. 

Asset and income limits vary depending on whether applicants are single or applying together as a married couple. For income, the maximum monthly limits are $1,041 for an individual and $1,409 for a married couple. Countable assets, which do not include items such as an applicant’s primary vehicle, home or furnishings, must be no more than $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a married couple.

Certain seniors and people with disabilities who require a nursing home level of care may also wish to receive long-term care services through Medicaid. These applicants must meet a separate set of financial criteria:

  • Monthly income should total less than $2,314 for an individual and $4,627 for a married couple.
  • Countable assets should be a maximum of $2,000 for an individual and $4,000 for a married couple (for couples where only one spouse applies, the non-applicant may keep assets of up to $126,420).

Of those who qualify for long-term Medicaid, individuals living or wishing to live in a nursing home are entitled to receive care services. Seniors who would like to receive services in an assisted living home, however, must apply through the following waiver. Those accepted into the waiver program may be placed on a wait list before receiving care.

ADvantage Medicaid Waiver

The ADvantage Medicaid waiver serves eligible seniors and people with disabilities who would like to live outside of a nursing home. Services provided to participants in assisted living homes includes:

  • Personal care
  • Skilled nursing care as needed
  • Recreational and social activities
  • Daily meals
  • Medication assistance
  • Transportation services
  • Assistance with everyday household chores
  • A case manager who develops an individualized service plan for participants

To qualify for the ADvantage waiver, Edmond seniors must be financially and medically eligible as determined by a DHS social worker and nurse. As the waiver does not pay for room and board, participants must pay a rate up to 90% of the Supplemental Security Income benefit rate.

Edmond seniors may apply to be an ADvantage participant by calling the ADvantage Administration (800) 435-4711 or contacting the Oklahoma County Department of Human Services at (405) 271-3325. 

Seniors who want to apply for SoonerCare should complete the online application.

Other Financial Assistance Programs for Assisted Living

Veterans Aid & Attendance

The federal VA Aid & Attendance program may help certain Edmond area veterans and their surviving spouses by providing monthly monetary payments in addition to already received monthly pension. 

To qualify for these payments, vets and their eligible spouses must not already be enrolled in the VA Housebound program and should meet one or more of the conditions below:

  • Be legally blind or bedridden
  • Require the assistance of another person to perform regular activities of daily living such as feeding, dressing and bathing
  • Live in a nursing home and receive care for an incapacity or disability

To apply for this program, interested vets or spouses should send a written report describing their disabilities, daily habits and level of mobility to the St. Paul VA Regional Office at the address below:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Claims Intake Center
Attention:  St. Paul Pension Center
P.O. Box 5365
Janesville, WI  53547

If individuals would prefer to apply in person, they can visit the Muskogee Regional Benefits Office.

Elderlife Bridge Loans

Seniors willing to take out a short-term line of credit may benefit from an Elderlife Financial bridge loan to help pay for their costs of living such as rent and moving fees in an assisted living facility. These loans have terms of up to one year and competitive interest rates.

Elderlife considers each applicant’s income and asset information along with credit scores to determine eligibility. Because the company allows multiple co-applicants on one loan, however, seniors with a low personal credit score may still qualify if the scores of co-applicant family members are higher. Due to the loans short-term nature, Elderlife also expects applicants to have a longer-term plan for paying for assisting living care in place.

To apply for a bridge loan, Edmond residents can complete the online application or call (888) 228-4500.

Assisted Living Resources in Edmond

Edmond Area Senior Centers

Senior centers in and around Edmond offer a wide variety of arts and crafts opportunities, exercise classes, such as yoga, and social events for free or minimal costs. Health is prioritized through screenings, nutritional meals and wellness programs.

Edmond Senior Center
2733 Marilyn Williams Dr., Edmond, OK 73003
(405) 216-7600

YMCA Lincoln Park Senior Center
4712 N Martin Luther King Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73111
(405) 427-0862

Candle Lake Senior Center
3540 NW 56th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 949-0139

Will Rogers Senior Center
3501 Pat Murphy Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 297-1455

Area Aging Resources

The Areawide Aging Agency facilitates programs for seniors aged 60 and over, including transportation services, home-delivered meals and an ombudsman program. Similarly, the Human Services Aging Division provides legal assistance, nutrition programs, transportation and adult day service programs.

Areawide Aging Agency
4101 Perimeter Center Dr., Suite 310, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 942-8500

Human Services Aging Division
2401 NW 23rd St., #40, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405) 522-6239

Veterans Resources

The American Legion and Veterans Affairs Department serve area vets through federal benefits and claims assistance and Oklahoma state benefits, including income tax exemptions and state park admissions. The VA Medical Center provides free and low-cost urgent, emergency and primary health care services.

American Legion
101 E 5th St., Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 341-3049

Veterans Affairs Department
2132 NE 36th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73111
(405) 523-4000

Oklahoma City VA Medical Center
921 NE 13th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 456-1000

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