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New Hampshire retirement communities benefit from access to the Granite State's stunning scenery, which offers an impressive diversity, from the peaks of Mount Washington to Atlantic coastal regions. In this sparsely populated state you can really get back to nature, while at the same time having access to all the contemporary amenities you'd expect in major cities, such as Manchester and the state capital, Concord. New Hampshire is a popular state for retirees and, as you'd expect with a large population of seniors, there are a whole host of activities in which to get involved. The state is filled with countless historical sites such as the Old Man of the Mountain and is noted for its impressive array of over 90 golf courses such as Wentworth Golf Club.

Retirement Communities in New Hampshire Defined

New Hampshire Retirement CommunitiesIf you're considering New Hampshire retirement communities, than it's useful to differentiate them from other kinds of senior living facilities. Unlike memory care centers and nursing homes, retirement communities are primarily designed for healthy individuals who may need some assistance but can live relatively independently. This contrasts with assisted living centers and their smaller counterparts, care homes, where seniors live in residential accommodations with others and receive assistance with bathing, cooking, laundry and dressing themselves. In a retirement community, although you live in close proximity to other seniors, you have your own independent living unit. In a lot of ways, life is just like being at your old home, except there are increased opportunities to socialize with like-minded individuals, and you can easily access help whenever you need it. Back to Top