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Indiana is known for its sprawling agricultural areas and its proximity to the Great Lakes. The state’s retirement age population exceeds 13 percent of the total inhabitants. Those who elect to take residence at an Indiana retirement community have a variety of settings and entertainment to select from. Indianapolis, the largest city, offers all the luxuries of a major municipality including 5-star hotels and dining, museums and more. For those more interested in sporting adventures, the state has 10 professional sports teams, 2 NCAA teams and the Indianapolis speedway. In more rural areas of the state, there are cave tours, romantic getaways, casinos, theaters and other recreational opportunities. The Lake District provides access to boating, fishing, and a variety of watersports. Indiana Retirement Community Defined Indiana Retirement CommunitiesIndiana retirement communities are defined as a residential district planned for those who have retired from active employment. Residential communities provide a living environment where seniors can interact with their peers and take advantage of community organized social events, while still living in an independent single-family home. Because every resident has their own apartment or small home, mature adults residing in the community do not experience the privacy loss common to other senior living environments like assisted living communities and nursing homes. Larger communities are often designed like a small town, with on-site salons, restaurants, chapels, libraries and other entertainment services. Back to Top