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Overview of Rhode Island Retirement Communities

Many people wouldn't think about retiring in a place like Rhode Island due to its small size, but the state offers a variety of advantages. For starters, the Rhode Island coastline is among the nation's largest in terms of area. Active seniors can find Rhode Island retirement communities in a variety of settings, from rustic mill towns to communities situated along the impressive waterfront. Newport and Providence make for great retirement living due to their excellent dining, entertainment and recreational amenities. However, the state happens to have a relatively high cost of living and is also one of the few that tax Social Security income. Nevertheless, mature adults will enjoy spending their golden years in Rhode Island.

Retirement Communities in Rhode Island Defined

While assisted living communities and nursing homes are designed to take care of seniors in need of assistance with everyday activities, Rhode Island retirement communities cater to seniors who are actively mobile and in relatively good health. These communities do not offer the type of personal care services one would find in an assisted living community, however, senior residents can still count on 24-hour staff to take care of urgent emergencies as well as ordinary maintenance, upkeep and housekeeping needs. Most retirement communities offer residential housing, such as an apartment, condominium or private cottage. Active seniors are left free to come and go as they please, giving them the opportunity to plan their own fun-filled activities or simply relax. Back to Top