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Missouri has a slightly above average population of senior citizens, with about 14 percent of the state 65 or older, compared to the national average of about 13 percent. The climate in Missouri varies, from swampy humid regions in the south to arid plains in the north. There are a number of large cities in Missouri, including Kansas City, Springfield and St Louis. One of the unique qualities of Missouri is that it demographically matches the United States as a whole: the state is a microcosm of the population of the United States. Notable places to visit include a number of Civil War battlefields including Wilson's Creek and Lexington. Missouri retirement communities are located all over the state and different communities are located near most major destinations.

Missouri Retirement Communities Defined

Missouri Retirement Communities Missouri retirement communities are best for the active senior who is in relatively good health. If you are in poor health or require constant or regular assistance a retirement community might not be your best choice. Typically retirement communities cater to independent seniors who want to mingle with other retirees. Depending on your personal health needs and your desired activities, you may need to choose a specific type of retirement community. Missouri has a full range of elderly communities, so if you need something like memory care or full-time assisted living you can find it in Missouri. Make sure to vet any potential retirement home beforehand and take a look at a number of communities before you make any commitments. Back to Top