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Assisted Living in Lake Charles, LA

The average cost of assisted living in the city is $3,125 a month. This guide is a starting point covering the cost of assisted living care in the city, as well as financing options to pay for it. You’ll find in-depth information on 7 assisted living facilities in Lake Charles and 2 in surrounding areas.

  • Assisted living: $3,125
  • Nursing home semiprivate room: $5,171
  • In-home care: $2,955
  • Adult day health services: n/a or $1,083 (Lafayette)

Brookdale Lake Charles

2420 Country Club Rd.
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

8 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

8 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

With a variety of retirement living options to choose from, Brookdale Lake Charles is an excellent senior living options for Lake Charles seniors.

The Verandah Independent and Assisted Living

5851 Gray Market Drive
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

6 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

6 Reviews
Starting at XXXX per month

The Verandah at Graywood is a brand-new, picturesque community in Lake Charles that offers active seniors a lifestyle that is free of responsibilities and worry.

Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care of Lake Charles

5650 Weaver Road
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Louisiana-owned and operated, Sage Oak Assisted Living & Memory Care of Lake Charles was founded to fill a need in personal home care for seniors. Our boutique, luxury care homes are located on one campus at the corner of Ham…

Villa Maria Retirement Center

3905 Kingston Place
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Chennault Place

1200 Canvas Back St
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Chennault Place is near Interstate 210 and U.S. Route 90, just 10 minutes from shopping centers and the Lake Charles Memorial Hospital. This convenient location makes it easy for seniors to travel around the local community during off-site excursions to…

Chennault Place Inc

1200 Canvasback St
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Cedarwood Manor, Inc.

800 Avenue J
Lake Charles, LA

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

Call 1-800-991-9257 for details

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Reviews of Lake Charles Assisted Living Facilities

Brookdale Lake Charles

Review by Local Professional | Expert

Very nice community! Brookdale Lake Charles is not a fancy community, but it is nice, clean, and has capable staff members. I was given a tour and really enjoyed seeing some of the interactions between the staff and the residents. I was offered lunch and accepted, the spaghetti was delicious. I was getting ready to lea...

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Brookdale Lake Charles

Review by Local Professional | Expert

Brookdale Lake Charles is an amazing facility with a classic charm. Brookdale Lake Charles is by no means the fanciest facility, but possesses it’s on classic charm and amazing ambience. This facility is very well maintained both outside and inside with clear attention to details. There’s plenty of cozy seating areas b...

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Brookdale Lake Charles

Review by CaringReviewer137853 | Consumer

We visited Brookdale for my mother-in law. We're very familiar with it since it was near my mother-in law's place. It was ideal for our situation. The facility was just fine.

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Brookdale Lake Charles

Review by Leatha | Consumer

Mom really enjoys the atmosphere at Brookdale. The people are very nice. All the residents are very friendly and accommodating. Her room is big enough for her. She enjoys bingo, going on trips, eating out, and going to the casino. They serve three meals and provide transportation to doctors' appointments. The staff has...

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Brookdale Lake Charles

Review by Norma | Consumer

Brookdale Lake Charles was very nice. The dining area was very good. They have different activities for holidays and they were singing when I was there. They have cooking, they take them out to different places, and they have crafts. My mother, however, wasn't too pleased with how they kept their rooms sometimes. The f...

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Brookdale Lake Charles

Review by Marcus | Consumer

Brookdale Lake Charles is nice and always clean. The people are very nice and welcoming. My mother loves it. The staff is pretty good. We also have a CNA that takes care of my mother personally. Her room is nice and clean. It's a semi-studio and she likes it. She has a window in the front and she likes looking out. The...

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Map of Lake Charles Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Costs in Lake Charles

Genworth’s 2018 Cost of Care study shows that the average monthly cost of assisted living in Lake Charles, Louisiana ($3,125), is one of the lowest in the state next to Monroe’s average cost of $2,950, and it’s less expensive than those in larger cities, such as Shreveport ($3,393) and New Orleans ($3,610). The most expensive city is the state capital of Baton Rouge, where the cost is equal to the national average of $4,000. 

Cost of Assisted Living Comparison Chart

  • Lake Charles: $3,125
  • National average: $4,000
  • State average: $3,550
  • Monroe: $2,950
  • Alexandria: $3,401
  • Houma area: $4,325
  • Baton Rouge: $4,000
  • New Orleans area: $3,610
  • Shreveport area: $3,393

Care Cost Comparison

Depending on the level of care needed the monthly cost of assisted living in Lake Charles is comparable to that of home health care, which is higher than homemaker services ($2,955), although slightly lower than the average monthly cost of a home health aide ($3,241). However, additional costs of living at home, such as utilities, rent or mortgage payments, should be considered when comparing costs to those in an assisted living home, where these costs are typically included. If more intensive services are needed, nursing home care is over $2,000 more expensive per month than assisted living, with monthly costs averaging over $5,000 for both private and semiprivate rooms. 

Cost of Homemaker/Home Health Aide Comparison Chart

  • Assisted living: $3,125
  • Homemaker services: $2,955
  • Home health aide: $3,241
  • Adult day health: n/a
  • Nursing home care (semiprivate room): $5,171

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Lake Charles

Medicaid in Louisiana

In Louisiana, health care assistance is available to low-income individuals and those with disabilities through the statewide Medicaid program. While many care services focus on family planning and children, seniors can apply for a long-term care assistance program which provides support to those requiring help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Services include assistance with personal activities such as bathing, dressing, walking, laundry and transportation to medical appointments. 

To qualify for long-term care assistance, applicants must:

  • Be over age 65 or disabled
  • Live (or plan to live) in a nursing facility, state development center or home for individuals with developmental disabilities 
  • Receive SSI assistance
  • Reside in Louisiana
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a qualified alien with permanent residency
  • Have a valid Social Security number
  • Earn less than $2,200 in monthly income, and have no more than $2,000 in countable resources (individual)
  • Earn less than $4,399 in monthly income, and have no more than $3,000 in countable resources (couple)

Those who make more than the income limits (but meet all other Medicaid requirements) may still be eligible for services through the Medically Needy Spend-Down Program. For more information, call (800) 230-0690.

Also available to seniors with Medicaid is a Medicare Savings Program that may provide cost reductions, through Medicaid, to Medicare premiums and other health care costs. To be eligible as a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), individuals must have a monthly income of no more than $1,061 and countable resources less than $7,700, and married couples must have no more than $1,430 in monthly income and less than $11,600 in countable resources. To apply, seniors should complete this application and submit it online or mail it to MSP Processing Office, P.O. Box 91278, Baton Rouge, LA 70821.

Community Choices Waiver

The Community Choices Waiver provides services to individuals in assisted living that otherwise may be an out-of-pocket expense. Although it doesn’t help with costs for room and board, it does offer personal assistance services for tasks such as eating, dressing and bathing as well as nursing services, assistive devices, medical supplies, adult day health care services, home delivered meals and housing transition and stabilization services.

Qualifications for the Community Choices Waiver include an income limit of $2,313 for an individual ($2,000 resource limit) and $4,626 for a couple ($3,000 resource limit) when both receive care. If only one member of a married couple requires long-term care, the couple’s resources can total up to $126,420.

Because it’s not an entitlement, there is a wait list for those wishing to obtain these services. For more information about Louisiana Medicaid or the Community Choices Waiver registry, seniors can call (877) 456-1146. 

Other Financial Assistance Programs for Assisted Living

Assisted Living Bridge Loans

Seniors and their families in Lake Charles can apply for a line of credit to help pay for assisted living through Elderlife Financial bridge loans. Seniors can have as many as six people cosign on the loan, and funds generally become available quickly for those approved. The money can then be used in the short term (up to one year) to pay for rent or move-in fees at an assisted living home or home care agency. 

Because of the short-term nature of these loans, seniors and their families should have a plan for long-term care in place before applying. To determine eligibility, Elderlife Financial considers credit scores, income, home equity and liquid assets. Because multiple family members can apply together, one person’s low credit score may not lead to disqualification. To apply, complete an online form at Elderlife Financial Services or call (888) 228-4500.

Veterans Aid and Attendance

Veterans and their surviving spouses who are over the age of 65 and require assistance with activities of daily living can receive payments in addition to their pension through the Veterans Aid and Attendance program (A&A).

To Qualify for A&A, veterans must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Require assistance from a person to perform ADLs, such as bathing, dressing, adjusting prosthetic devices and feeding 
  • Be Bedridden
  • Live in a nursing home due to physical or mental inabilities
  • Be legally blind

Income limits include $22,577 in annual income for a veteran with no dependents and $26,765 for a veteran with a spouse or child. To calculate income, the program allows applicants to deduct unreimbursed medical expenses. A net worth limit, which includes annual income but excludes the value of homes or vehicles, also exists of up to $126,000 for both single and married applicants. 

To apply, Lake Charles residents can write to their regional pension management center or visit their local benefit office

Assisted Living Resources in Lake Charles

Veteran’s Resources

Several resources are available to veterans in the Lake Charles area, including an outpatient clinic that provides mental health and dental services, an office of veterans affairs that assists veterans with obtaining their entitled benefits and a home where services include skilled nursing and long-term care.

Lake Charles Outpatient Clinic
3601 Gerstner Memorial Drive, Hwy 14, Lake Charles, LA 7060
(337) 475-9500

Calcasieu Parish Department of Veterans Affairs
Courthouse Ground Floor, 1000 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70601
(337) 491-2309

Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home
1610 Evangeline Rd, Jennings, LA 70546
(337) 824-2829

Senior Centers and Assistance Programs in Lake Charles

Lake Charles is home to several senior centers and a parish Council on Aging that provide various resources and activities to help keep seniors engaged and a part of the community. Along with social gatherings and games, services for members can include health screenings, home delivered and congregate meals, transit services and ombudsman and prescription assistance programs.

Calcasieu Parish Council on Aging
3950 Highway 14, Lake Charles, LA 70607
(337) 474-2583

Moss Bluff Senior Activity Center
2868 N. Hwy. 171, Moss Bluff, LA 70611

Lake Charles Senior Center
1530 5th St., Lake Charles, LA
(337) 433-0805

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