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Iowa is teeming with amazing day trip opportunities. Those who have retired from active employment, and made Iowa retirement communities their home, can enjoy the variety of parks, museums, and truly one-of-a-kind experiences available within easy traveling distance in the state. For those who prefer cultural outings, there are opera houses, art museums, historical landmarks, and more. For example, the Adler Theater, in Davenport, is known for both its art-deco architecture and its world-class theatrical performances. Sports enthusiasts will be excited to be near the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, which hosts the Hawkeyes, one of the most beloved college teams in the nation. State parks, gardens and fishing docks are just a few of the places to host amazing outdoor opportunities. The Reiman Gardens, in Ames, is the largest public garden in the state and provides walking trails over 14 acres, with 11 distinct garden areas.

Iowa Retirement Communities Defined

Iowa Retirement CommunitiesIowa retirement communities are often called active living communities. Seniors living in retirement communities are expected to lead full lives that take them outside the community, and residents are free to come and go as they please. Unlike those living in nursing facilities or assisted living communities, residents do not need to be checked in and out to enjoy all the state has to offer. Seniors living in a retirement community are provided with emergency care, basic housekeeping, and assistance with home maintenance issues, but must be able to provide for their own meals, toilette, and other day-to-day care issues. Retirement communities also host a wide variety of social events for seniors, which encourage residents to interact with their peers within the community. Back to Top