Iowa Nursing Homes

Cost of Iowa Nursing Homes

Blue sky and clouds seen above an IA (Iowa) cornfield The average cost of Nursing Homes in Iowa is $175 per day. This is lower than the national average which is $228 per day.

In Iowa there are 482 Nursing Homes. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

Map of Iowa Nursing Homes

Overview of Iowa Nursing Homes

Located deep in America's Heartland is Iowa, a state rich in history and Midwestern hospitality and friendliness. Residents of Iowa enjoy a high quality of living, including safe neighborhoods, affordable housing costs, short commute times and an abundance of state parks and trails. In 2011, the CQ Press rated Iowa the second most livable state. This superior quality of living naturally extends to Iowa's senior residents who have numerous resources available to them. The Iowa Department of Aging is one such service that was created to address the needs of the growing senior population of Iowa. The Department offers resources including a bi-monthly newsletter, access to programs and services and 13 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs). These agencies provide local contact information for every community in the state.

Nursing Homes in Iowa Defined

When a senior requires greater medical care than can be met through independent or assisted living arrangements, an Iowa nursing home provides the necessary care and assistance. A nursing home is a rehabilitative or residential center that is normally located within a hospital or assisted living center. The highly trained staff includes therapists and nurses who can offer treatment to individuals recovering from surgery, injury or stroke, as well as seniors experiencing an ongoing illness requiring daily medical care. Nursing homes in Iowa are similar to assisted living communities in that they offer group activities and help with daily living activities such as dressing and mobility. Unlike assisted living, however, the residents require more extensive help with daily activities and a higher level of medical care.

Regulation of Iowa Nursing Homes

Iowa Nursing HomesNursing homes in Iowa are inspected and licensed by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals' Health Facilities Division. This department ensures each nursing home in Iowa meets the state's clearly defined standards in categories such as safety, cleanliness, food handling, nursing care, respectful treatment of residents and administering of medications. Iowa employs inspectors who visit each nursing facility at least once a year to ensure high standards of care are maintained.

Paying for Nursing Homes in Iowa

Given the degree of nursing care offered, it is understandable that the cost of a nursing home in Iowa is high. The median cost for care, however, is lower than in many other states.

Additional Information on Iowa Nursing Homes

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals' Health Facilities Division has created a program called The Best Practices program. This is a volunteer program that encourages long-term care facilities to share their most successful practices and approaches with other facilities. Facilities taking part in the initiative receive a letter from the Director of the Department recognizing the center as a Best Practices facility. Back to Top