Idaho Nursing Homes

Cost of Idaho Nursing Homes

A scenic view of the Idaho capitol building in Boise, ID (Idaho) The average cost of Nursing Homes in Idaho is $228 per day. This is lower than the national average which is $228 per day.

In Idaho there are 87 Nursing Homes. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

Map of Idaho Nursing Homes

Overview of Idaho Nursing Homes

Not many states can compare with Idaho in terms of outdoor adventure, rugged beauty and impressive wilderness views. From the Rocky Mountains to fast-moving rivers to thick forests to sandy deserts, Idaho seems to offer it all. The Idaho Senior Living Council offers a long list of community resources and information on topics relevant to seniors. When Idaho seniors require a greater level of care than previously needed, they can look to the approximately 79 nursing homes and 278 assisted living residences available in the state. The Senior Health Center in Boise offers a listing of geriatrician doctors who specialize in senior health issues.

Nursing Homes in Idaho Defined

A senior family member is likely to consider an Idaho nursing home once he or she requires a higher degree of ongoing medical assistance than offered in a senior's residence or assisted living center. In a nursing home in Idaho, a registered nurse is available 24-hours a day and this living arrangement is ideally suited for seniors requiring rehabilitative care, such as after an injury or stroke. Nursing home care is available for short-term recovery, as well as offered on a more permanent and long-term basis. Seniors living with chronic health problems that require extensive medication or frequent nursing attention will receive the treatment they require. An Idaho nursing home is similar in some ways to an assisted living center. In both situations, the residents have many opportunities to take part in group activities and daily assistance is provided in areas such as feeding, bathing and dressing. The level of assistance and nursing care offered in a nursing home is much greater, however.

Regulation of Nursing Homes in Idaho

Idaho Nursing HomesNursing homes are regulated and licensed by the state of Idaho to maintain high quality care for their senior residents. Nursing homes in Idaho are regularly inspected by state employees to ensure that they meet requirements for issues such as safety, maintaining an environment that is free from hazards, proper food handling procedures, correct medicine administration and respectful treatment of all residents. A nursing home administrator must complete the appropriate education program and fulfill training requirements in order to receive his or her nursing home administrator license.

Paying for Nursing Homes in Idaho

While the figures vary somewhat across the state, the median monthly cost is for a semi-private room is less than for a private room.  These figures are generally lower than those of nursing homes in Northwestern states. Back to Top