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73 Assisted Living Communities in Fairfield County, Connecticut

The average cost of assisted living in the county is $5,940 a month. This guide is a starting point covering the cost of assisted living care in the county, as well as financing options to pay for it. You’ll find in-depth information on 73 Assisted Living Communities in Fairfield County and several in surrounding areas. The Cost of Senior Care in Fairfield County, CT

  • Assisted Living: $5,940
  • Nursing Home Care: $15,011
  • In-home Care: $4,147
  • Adult Day Health Services: $1,993

Assisted Living Facilities near Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Reviews of Assisted Living Facilities in Fairfield County



May 11, 2021

I visited this facility

Initially, when I got to Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull, I was not that impressed with the outside, but the inside is lovely -- very beautiful. We were looking at a one-bedroom apartment; it was very nice. They're not huge, but it's nice. The person who took me on the tour did a great job. She was very kind, very informative, and very helpful. She gave me any online information that I needed to help my dad figure out how to make it work financially. I did not try eating there, but the menu looked very good, and everyone looked happy. I saw a list of all the activities. It seems like there were at least seven a day that were going on, but I didn't observe one.



March 26, 2021

I visited this facility

We went to see The Village at Brookfield Common with my mom. She had the chance to see the activity rooms, meet with some residents, and see the community areas where they socialize. That was the specific reason why it beat out the other one, because the other one was much more strict with where visitors could go and what they could see. They have a salon and a cinema, too. They also do arts and crafts, and they have all kinds of activities that they can do in the activity room.



September 17, 2020

I am/was a resident of this facility

I stayed at Hancock Hall for respite care in their rehab. The staff was wonderful, they were all very caring, very pleasant, the place was immaculately clean, and they were very careful about this COVID thing; they didn't have any cases there. The rehab was very good. The food was very good, and the physical appearance was very nice. I was very satisfied.



June 10, 2020

I am a past client of this provider

We used Fairfield Family Care for 2 months. My experience was excellent, the people they sent were fabulous, they were competent, friendly, compassionate, helpful, and professional. The service and billing was fine, the agency was concerned about my mom, and that she got good service. They came 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. They made sure she took her medications, she was washed and clean, and they did a little housekeeping. The record keeping may be off in the beginning, but other than that the billing was fine.



May 15, 2020

I am a current client of this provider

We are using Fairfield Family Care for my mother. The services are basically bathing her, making sure she eats, and the caregiver is very good at keeping her playing games, and keeping her occupied. She keeps her amused for a few hours a week. We love her. Communication is going well, they've been responsive, and I'm satisfied with the care.



April 28, 2020

I am a past client of this provider

Fairfield Family Care did a really good job for us and my husband. They were here for the most part 24/7. I had three people come, and two of the women were really wonderful. The gentleman was very good and nice, but he was not as experienced as the two women. I can't say enough about them. They offered help with everything including medications and cleaning. The agency was wonderful. It was worth every penny.



February 28, 2019

I visited this facility

It was very nice and very friendly, but a little smaller than other places. I thought my dad would be better off in a larger place with more people, and this place had fewer rooms. On a room-to-room comparison and on a staff-to-staff comparison, they were equal. They did have a salon and a library, but I did not see a gym. Nevertheless, it was a very nice place.



January 2, 2019

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Maplewood at Strawberry Hill is very accommodating and wonderful. My aunt has her own room that's large, private, and has a little kitchenette and a bathroom, but you have to bring your own furniture. She has all the care she needs. If anything were to happen, they have everything there, like doctors on-site. The staff all seem to love their job and know what they're doing. I couldn't ask for better staff. They're happy, upbeat, cheery, and very good. It's clean and spotless. They take them out for rides on their van, to the beach, to the maritime center, and to many places. They have exercises and are checked on every day periodically. They make sure they can't leave unless they sign out. It's a safe place. I had lunch there and was very impressed with it.



October 23, 2018

I visited this facility

I visited the independent living level of Spring Meadows Trumbull, it's a beautiful community. They're in the great location of Trumbull. They're a very active community and there are lots of activities for the residents. It's a very clean place, the people were very friendly, and the food looked great. Everything was really wonderful there, they're all really pleasant, and it's a place where I would put my father once he's ready. I saw several rooms and they were very nice. A gentleman even let us look at his room so we could get to see how a man's apartment was decorated. The rooms were very nice, clean, and updated, with a large bathroom and kitchen. It was a nice size overall. I was also very happy with the staff; they're great. The food looked great, and the menu was wonderful, it changes all the time. They're doing renovations as well.

Map of Fairfield County, Connecticut

Assisted Living Costs in Fairfield County

The 2018 Genworth Cost of Care study shows that Fairfield County has the highest monthly assisted living rate in Connecticut. At $5,940, the local price is almost 50% more expensive than the national average ($4,000), 17.5% higher than the state median of $4,700 and about 13% above the rate in Hartford ($5,250). The price of assisted living is more affordable in Norwich ($4,300) and dramatically less expensive in New Haven, where seniors pay the state’s lowest cost of $3,435 per month. 

Note: Data for senior care costs in Fairfield County wasn’t available, so data for the city of Bridgeport was used instead.

Fairfield County/Bridgeport Area


National Average


State Average


Hartford Area


Norwich Area


New Haven Area


Care Cost Comparison

Costs for senior care options in Fairfield County differ by a staggering $13,000 depending on the type and extent of care required. Group adult day health services provided only on weekdays average just $1,993 per month, while 24/7 skilled care provided in nursing homes costs a whopping $15,011. The rate for assisted living is $5,940 per month, whereas homemaker and home health aide services average $4,147 and $4,671, respectively. Although there appears to be a significant difference between the average rates, costs for these care options are much closer when everyday living expenses are taken into account, such as groceries, upkeep, utilities, taxes and insurance. These costs aren’t included in the rates for in-home care, but they’re covered by room and board in most assisted living facilities.

Senior Care Cost Comparison Chart

Assisted Living


Homemaker Services


Home Health Aide


Adult Day Health Services


Nursing Home Care


Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Fairfield County

Medicaid in Connecticut

Medicaid is the nation’s largest health insurance provider, delivering vital services to more than 65 million low-income Americans. The program is regulated and jointly funded by the federal government and administered by each state to best meet the needs of its most vulnerable residents.

In Connecticut, the Medicaid program called HUSKY Health provides coverage for one-fifth of the state’s population, including pregnant women, families with young children, the elderly and disabled adults.

Qualifying for HUSKY Health

Eligible Fairfield County residents can receive numerous health care benefits, including inpatient and outpatient hospital care, emergency treatment, primary and specialist care, occupational and physical therapy, X-rays and diagnostic tests, prescriptions and long-term nursing home care.

Fairfield County residents who are American citizens or legal aliens and aged 65 or older — or aged 64 or younger if blind or disabled — can qualify for nursing home care through HUSKY Health if their monthly income is less than the established facility rate. Single applicants are limited to $1,600 in assets, and married spouses applying together may have $3,200 in combined assets.

All sources of income count toward the Medicaid limit, including pensions, wages, interest, stock dividends, Social Security and VA benefits. A number of assets are exempt, including personal belongings, one automobile, burial plots, prepaid funeral contracts, a primary home valued at $878,000 or less and household furnishings.

Exceptions to Income and Asset Limits

If only one spouse applies, they’re subject to the same income and asset limits as single people. The non-applicant may also receive up to $3,160.50 of their spouse’s income each month as well as $126,420 of the couple’s joint assets. These federally mandated spousal living and resource allowances may also reduce an applicant’s income and asset levels, so they’re able to qualify for HUSKY Health long-term care coverage.

Applicants with income over the limit may qualify for a spend-down that provides six months of coverage. Their exceeded amount of monthly income is multiplied by six to determine the spend-down figure, which must be used to pay allowable medical and care-related expenses to gain eligibility for coverage. These can include:

  • Physician, clinic, dental and hospital bills
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Medical transportation services
  • X-rays, lab work and diagnostic tests
  • Prescription medications

Fairfield County seniors can apply for HUSKY Health coverage online or call (877) 284-8759.

Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders 

Seniors who meet the eligibility requirements for HUSKY Health coverage and have been assessed as needing long-term care may qualify for the CHCPE waiver if they have a monthly income of $2,313 or less. This home and community-based waiver offers a wide range of support and care services in a managed residential community setting. Program participants receive service coordination and additional supports based on their assessed needs, such as:

  • One main meal per day
  • Laundry and housekeeping services
  • 24-hour security
  • Wellness and preventive services
  • Emergency transportation
  • Assistance with personal care and daily living activities
  • Nursing visits as needed

Depending on a participant’s income, they may receive waiver services at no cost or have to pay a 9% share of cost. Participants are responsible for paying their cost for room and board, which isn’t covered by the waiver. Those who are approved for the program may be placed on a waiting list to receive services due to enrollment caps.

For more information about the CHCPE waiver or to begin the application process, seniors in Fairfield County can contact the Connecticut Department of Health and Human Services at (800) 445-5394.

Other Financial Assistance Programs for Assisted Living

Connecticut State Supplement for the Aged, Blind and Disabled

Residents of Fairfield County aged 65 or older with limited income and assets may be eligible for a monthly payment through the CSSABD program. To qualify for this state-funded benefit, seniors must have a regular monthly income, such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income or a VA pension that doesn’t exceed the Connecticut standard cost of living. Individuals are allowed $1,600 in assets (married couples $2,400).

For more information about the CSSABD program or to apply for assistance, Fairfield County residents can call the Connecticut Department of Social Services Benefit Center at (855) 626-6632.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Younger seniors who wish to plan ahead for future care costs may consider purchasing long-term care insurance. This type of health insurance may pay for nursing home, in-home or assisted living care and offers a range of extra coverage options. Additionally, Connecticut has partnered with private LTC insurers to offer Medicaid asset protection coverage. As with most health insurance providers, LTC insurers base acceptance and premiums on an applicant’s age and health status.

To learn more about LTC insurance, Fairfield County residents can contact the CT Partnership for Long-term Care at (860) 418-6318.

Senior Centers

There are 20 senior centers in communities throughout Fairfield County that offer older residents a wealth of opportunities for socializing, staying active and accessing life-enriching activities and programs. The specific offerings differ between centers, but most offer a nutritious noon meal and a variety of card and board games, exercise classes, arts and crafts programs and special social events. Many provide educational classes and seminars, computer labs, health screenings, benefits counseling, group outings, escorted trips and transportation services. 

Veterans Resources

The Connecticut Veterans Affairs Office of Advocacy and Assistance aids veterans, their spouses and dependents with applications and appeals for local, state and federal benefits. County veterans can enroll in the VA Connecticut Healthcare System and visit the outpatient clinic in Danbury or Stamford to access primary care, physical exams, laboratory tests, X-rays, pharmacy services and referrals for specialty care at the VA Medical Center in West Haven.

Connecticut VA Office of Advocacy and Assistance
752 E. Main St., Bridgeport, CT 06608  
(203) 336-2570

Danbury VA Primary Care Clinic
7 Germantown Rd., Ste. 2B, Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 798-8422

Stamford VA Primary Care Clinic
1275 Summer St., Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 325-0649

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Those with certain disabilities or diseases have more obstacles to overcome when searching for a quality assisted living home. If you have questions, we are here to help provide the answers. Give our senior care advocates a call and read our guides for specific information and resources related to your or your loved one’s condition.

Those with certain disabilities or diseases have more obstacles to overcome when searching for a quality assisted living home. If you have questions, we are here to help provide the answers. Give our senior care advocates a call and read our guides for specific information and resources related to your or your loved one’s condition.

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