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Arizona is one of the newest states to join the Union. It was the 48th territory to receive statehood and in 1912 was the last state created in the mainland United States. Arizona is notable for having some of the best golf courses in the nation including the famous Arizona Grand Golf Course and the Camelback Golf Club. Home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a number of tourist attractions including its distinctions as one of the "Four Corners" which is an area where you can stand in four different states at the same time. The state has a very high percentage of retirees with over 14 percent of citizens being over 65 years of age.

Arkansas Retirement Communities Defined

Arizona Retirement Communities Being part of a group is a great benefit of living in an Arkansas retirement community. They have services that let the residents live independently and have productive lives. Residents have their privacy while still getting the services that they need. There is 24-hour staffing to help with basic housekeeping needs. Staff is also there to respond to medical emergencies and lend assistance in other emergency situations. Retirement associations often offer special events and activities along with clubs. This helps to keep the residents active and give them a chance to interact and get to know each other Back to Top