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Cost of Nevada Nursing Homes

The average cost of nursing homes in Nevada is $236 per day. This is higher than the national average which is $228 per day.

In Nevada there are 79 nursing homes. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

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Overview of Nevada Nursing Homes

The state of Nevada is widely popular and its attraction has a lot to do with the plenty of sunshine and geographical landscape. The climate is one of heat, which means that people do not have to worry about unbearable winters and infections brought about by cold weather. This is one of the reasons why it is the perfect state for nursing homes for the elderly. The elderly are more susceptible to infections, especially those of a respiratory nature. In Nevada, the risk of these is greatly minimized. Good health is not the only reason to live in Nevada. There is no room for boredom as there are great sights to visit including Lake Tahoe,The Great Basin National Park, Hoover dam and the world famous Las Vegas. Battle Mountain General Hospital and Caremeridian are two of the most highly recommended nursing homes in Nevada.

Nursing Homes in Nevada Defined

The services that are offered in Nevada nursing homes are diverse and personalized to ensure that their residents feel properly catered for. These include:

  1. Boarding facilities – Many nursing homes make private rooms available for their residents and encourage them to personalize them with souvenirs, family photographs, et cetera.
  2. Medical Care – As we age, more attention needs to be paid to the general state of health. Nursing homes in Nevada ensure that medical care is always at hand in case of an emergency, in addition to ensuring that the residents who are on medication are taking it as prescribed.
  3. Personal Care – This incorporates assistance in daily tasks like bathing, getting dressed, laundry services and even lavatory assistance. Many of these services differ from one resident to another and they have to be personalized for them to be effective.
  4. Recreational Activities – Residents in the homes are encouraged to socialize and different opportunities are made available to do so. In addition, activities are organized for recreational purposes, such as trips and sightseeing.
  5. Nutritious meals – Three square meals and snacks in between.

A great benefit of nursing homes in Nevada which is often overlooked is the fact that they enable their residents to socialize with their peers. These individuals have a lot in common with the people that they live with, and they take pride in being able to share their experiences.

Regulation for Nevada Nursing Homes

Nevada Nursing HomesNursing homes in Nevada are highly regulated in order to ensure that their residents get the best care possible and that cases of neglect are eliminated. To begin with, they are required to be licensed by the Department of Public Health for Nevada, in addition to being certified by Medicaid and Medicare. Another aspect under regulation is cleanliness and health. To this end, the Nevada Health Division undertakes inspections randomly to make sure that there are no agents which are chemically hazardous. Every employee also has to be licensed in Nevada, which means that they need to be professionally trained and qualified.

Paying for Nursing Homes in Nevada

The value of the care that is offered at nursing homes is high and this is often reflected in the cost. Although the health insurance offered to employees does not extend to care offered in nursing homes, Medicare covers the cost for short stays. However, longer stays are need to be covered by the individual and/or their family. Medicaid can cover the cost of nursing homes for people who have exhausted their savings and are at a home which is certified by the US government.

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