The 2009 National Survey of Consumer and Workforce Satisfaction in Nursing Homes, conducted by My InnerView, reveals some interesting findings in support of word-of-mouth marketing. The fifth report produced by the company, the 2009 survey reflects the opinions of an astonishing 233,000 nursing home consumers (approximately) consisting of residents and families, and an additional 283,000 (approximately) employee opinions. Overall, the findings encompass one in three nursing homes nationwide. Pretty impressive.resident satisfaction

This report is of vital importance to assisted living and nursing home marketers, because it demonstrates the importance of a balanced marketing plan. Acquisition is only half the battle; satisfied residents comprise an equally important piece of the successful marketing campaign, because word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. It also helps administrators and executives choose where to allocate funds: the never-ending battle of acquisition vs. retention.

While this comprehensive survey stands on its own, there are a few key findings worth pointing out:

  • Employee-consumer relationships have a big impact on consumer satisfaction. Therefore, addressing employee satisfaction (which ultimately leads to higher-quality resident care) directly is as important as focusing on resident satisfaction.
  • Overall consumer satisfaction rose steadily from 2005-2008, and has remained steady since. Geographic areas and non-profit status were not influential on consumer satisfaction.
  • 85% of consumers would recommend their nursing home facility.
  • States with pay-for-performance systems have higher rates of consumer and employee satisfaction.
  • Two factors drive consumer satisfaction: care and competency of staff.
  • The third most important factor driving consumer satisfaction differs between residents and families. For residents, choices and preferences are most important (below care and competency of staff), but for families, nursing care is more important.
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