Today our new office officially opened!

We've moved into a 1600 sq foot space in the Eastlake neighborhood in Seattle. The building we are in has some character and charm as its an older building. From our third floor post, we have nice views of the Olympic mountains. Our new address is 2722 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98102.

We are thrilled to finally have a home. After 18 months of working from coffee shops, homes, and in temporary offices we are very ready to be together for the first time.

We purchased all used furniture from Integrity Interior solutions (a great place for used office furniture) and got a screaming deal. Remember the day when having a huge mahogany desk was a privilege? Nobody wants these gargantuan things now as the svelte Ikea look is in. So we were able to purchase desks that once retailed at probably $2k for $75 a piece. We were able to outfit our office for roughly 10 workstations for around $2,500. We rented a 26 foot truck on Saturday and moved everything in.

Here are some photos of the inside, outside and the moving truck we rented.