Summer Fun and Senior Living: What We’ll be Writing About at During June

The month of June means the arrival of summer and sunny days. Children may look forward to summer vacations and spending playing out in the sun, but for older adults, a sunny day means remembering the sunscreen and a hat to ward off skin damage. Seniors especially should be aware of the health risks associated with too much sun such as sunstroke or dehydration. That’s why throughout June we will feature articles that discuss how seniors can safely enjoy sun-filled days.

June is also significant for those who fought in WWII:  June 6 is D-Day. This month Joan’s Journey will highlight veterans living at her senior living community, their thoughts on life during retirement, and how her community recognizes its veterans.

For our readers interested in the big picture regarding senior living, such as how the industry is preparing to care for the baby boomer set to retire and how residential charges for senior living communities are calculated, we will have several articles addressing these topics.

From the team at, welcome to summer!

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  1. Giovana Correia says:

    It’s good to know what summer means to various generations. Seniors, who have typically already experienced many fun summers, might be reminiscent or nostalgic or even looking forward to more fun summers. Thanks for the emphasis on holidays and what they might mean to seniors.

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