The people I am living with at my Senior Residence decided on their own or with the help of their adult children to make this their “Last Stop”. The Last Stop Part 3: What are the people like?Actually Bob and I were pretty naive. We had a few acquaintances around the country that had made this kind of a move and they liked it.

Since our place was being built when we signed up, we didn’t even have a chance to look it over or see what out new friends would look like. In retrospect I realize it really was a leap of faith.

The move worked! I have lived at my CCRC for over five years and like it. Read on to know what my place is like so that if you make the Last Stop move, you will be more knowledgeable than Bob and I were.

This post was written by Margery Fridstein, an author and retired psychotherapist who lives in a CCRC outside of Denver, CO. She is chronicling her experience in the monthly series, “The Last Stop With Margery Fridstein.”

Read more about the friends Margery has made along the way in "The Last Stop - Part 3: What Are the People Like?"