On Wednesday September 23th, autumn begins—summer officially ends. It’s been a good summer for me, and while I expect some wonderful fall days, I hate when the long hours of daylight begin waning, forestalling winter again. The older we get, the quicker it all happens. Why? I have no answer though maybe the experts do.

It was a great summer in Colorado. Now fall is here according to the calendar, but it sure feels like summer. All the early rain turned my part of the state greener than I have ever seen it. During August as I took my daily walk on the trail, the growth was huge and still green—not that dried out yellow beige I often see toward the end of the month. I hope the beauty continues. And now as September turns into October, many of us, myself included, plan a trip to the mountains for an Aspen fix—as the shimmering Aspen trees cast their magic yellow golden spell on us just before going to sleep for the winter.

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This post was written by Margery Fridstein, an author and retired psychotherapist who lives in a CCRC outside of Denver, CO. She is chronicling her experience in the monthly series, “The Last Stop With Margery Fridstein.”