Margery enjoying ThanksgivingAnticipating Thanksgiving without my family is much easier this year. I survived happily in 2013, so this year when I again told all four of my families that I would not travel to be with them, I felt much more confident remaining here in my apartment.

This year, a fellow resident and good friend who always joins her local family for Thanksgiving is including me. With great pleasure I thanked her for her invite and told her, “My children will be so happy that I have an invitation.” And indeed they were.

To find out how I was able to make it through last year’s holiday so well, I urge you to read my story of Thanksgiving 2013.

This post was written by Margery Fridstein, an author and retired psychotherapist who lives in a CCRC outside of Denver, CO. She is chronicling her experience in the monthly series, “The Last Stop With Margery Fridstein.”