margery-refreshThere’s a new buzzword at my place—refresh. If we had read our Resident Documents when we moved in, we would probably know what to expect when refresh is mentioned. Yet I would hate to quiz anyone about what is in that Resident Documents binder. It’s like the yearly mailing from Medicare: we have it and store it, but who reads it unless there is a problem. And even if we did read it, we probably wouldn’t understand the explanation anyway.

During the past year at our monthly Town Hall meetings, our money people, residents and administrator have warned us to watch our operating pennies because we will need money for refresh. Refresh is what our company does after a resident has lived for seven years in an apartment or cottage, and the cost comes out of our operating budget. Refresh means new carpet and a repaint of the unit, as well as some mechanical cleaning. Closets have to be emptied and ornaments removed.

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This post was written by Margery Fridstein, an author and retired psychotherapist who lives in a CCRC outside of Denver, CO. She is chronicling her experience in the monthly series, “The Last Stop With Margery Fridstein.”