Fun with Friends at The Lodge - 041714

Living in the Lodge makes life convenient. I’m closer to people, food and lots of in-house activities. Sure, I miss my own house and the back and forth walks in beautiful Colorado weather. But when it’s not nice and that’s true even in Colorado sometimes, I am glad I moved. Read about my new life. It’s the simple domestic issues that become the challenges. Not serious but humorous. Who makes the bed, who cleans up the kitchen and who prepares the food when I’m sick?

This post was written by Margery Fridstein, an author and retired psychotherapist who lives in a CCRC outside of Denver, CO. She is chronicling her experience in the monthly series, “The Last Stop With Margery Fridstein.”

Read more about Margery’s experience moving and the challenges that ensued in “The Last Stop: Life in The Lodge".