This is a guest post submitted by Melanie Bowen, blogger for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Learn How to Cultivate a Positive Nurse and Patient Relationship

The role a nurse plays in providing care to a patient can make a significant impact on how well and how quickly a patient is able to recover.  Many nurses are exceptionally talented in administering quality and professional care to patients.

However, qualified nurses may find they sometimes struggle with difficult patients who are overcome with stress, worry or fear.  This can place a burden on the nurse/patient relationship if the nurse does not effectively communicate with the patient and continue to cultivate a relationship with the patient that is encouraging, professional and uplifting.

Simple Steps to Communication between a Nurse and a Patient

Communication is one of the biggest factors in any relationship and this is certainly true for a nurse/patient relationship.  The patient has a responsibility to do his/her part and inform the nurse of any changes in how he or she is feeling and in asking questions so they can be informed.  The nurse has a responsibility to communicate their knowledge about the patient’s condition and treatment plan.  Nurses work in stressful, fast-paced environments and it can be easy for a nurse to get in a hurry and fail to take time to communicate patiently and effectively with a patient.

A lot of times patients are filled with concern worry and fear about what is to come and various treatments.  However, when nurses take a few moments to allow the patient to vent and then ask the patient to tell the nurse more, the patient may feel heard and their concerns will be validated.  This typically will help to relieve stress and the two can begin focusing on cultivating a healthy and positive nurse/patient relationship that will lead to increased chances of a speedier recovery. Healthier Nurse/Patient Relationships Leads to Healthier Patients

When a patient chooses a medical facility to receive long-term care for a chronic illness or disease such as breast, colon, mesothelioma cancer, or leukemia, it is important that the patient watch how the nurses interact with other patients before the patient makes a decision on which facility he or she will go to for treatment.

Nurses can play a huge role in the success of a patient’s recovery and this success is a result of how a nurse and patient interact together.  A healthy nurse/patient relationship will provide vast benefits to the patient and will also make the nurse’s life and job much easier and more enjoyable.  This stimulates a positive atmosphere that is beneficial for both parties.

Case Western Reserve University has released an educational publication about the benefits of a positive nurse and patient relationship. This study discusses nursing values and how nurses can work to foster a supportive and professional relationship with patients they serve. No matter what illness you may be going through whether it is a serious cancer, are in a nursing home or just in recovery from a minor surgery; nurses can be along the way to ease fear and help you be at ease.