This year, Ophthalmologists across the country are giving seniors the gift of sight.  Over 7,000 Doctors are participating across the United States and Puerto Rico, to make sure every senior has the opportunity to receive an eye exam.   These doctors are part of Eye Care America, an organization that provides year-round eye care services to medically undeserved seniors and those at increased risk for eye disease.

Why Should Aging Adults Have Regular Vision Check Ups?

Many serious eye disease, such as Age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, offer no warning signs and can only be detected during an eye exam.  Furthermore, the high cost and lack of insurance coverage for many comprehensive eye exams, causes people to delay in getting a check up.   Getting these regular check ups can prevent permanent damage to your vision from things such as cataracts, glaucoma.

Throughout the year, Eye Care America puts on programs that help everyone over 65 get access to a free eye exam.  To keep updated on all their great work, check out their website.  Through Eye Care America's website you can check your eligibility for a free exam, apply to get a comprehensive eye exam, and find out ways you can help Eye Care America.

Spread the news to seniors in your community, and make sure all your aging loved ones have an eye exam this winter.

Image by Brybs at Stock.xchng