Mature dancing couple enjoying retirement livingWhile loneliness and isolation are common problems among the elderly, it doesn't have to be difficult to socialize as a senior; in fact, it's actually easier than ever. There are some incredible options for seniors to start socializing today, whether they prefer socializing online or in person.

Discount Activities

Discount groups like Living Social and Groupons often list discounts to social activities, such as painting classes, senior yoga, knitting classes and more. Consider using these discount sites to pay for items or services that would otherwise be too costly. Social discount groups are a great way to test something out before investing a lot of time and money into it, and you can use them to try out a lot of different things.

Meeting Groups

Online services like Meet Up let seniors connect with other nearby individuals that share their interests. If your elderly loved one adores a good hike, you can often find a hiking group in your area that meets frequently and sometimes has dozens of members. Social meeting groups can also be an excellent couples idea for senior couples that are looking to expand their social circle.

Online Dating Sites

Dating websites are a fantastic way to meet people. There are many incredible social dating sites, including Match, eHarmony and OKCupid. Match and eHarmony focus on pairing people in search of serious romantic relationships, while OKCupid is a venue for those seeking general companionship. Seniors should remember to always meet a date in a public place and to never go on a date without informing friends and family.

Social Media Groups

Social media sites like Facebook allow seniors to connect with a lot of people, including people they haven't yet met. Within these social media sites, there are online “clubs” for a variety of special interests. Through these clubs, seniors can chat away about interests and hobbies. Social media groups are an excellent options for those who suffer from health issues that make going outside prohibitively difficult.

Whenever socializing with new people, always remember to be safe and, when in doubt, bring a buddy or family member. Being social isn't just good for a senior’s emotional health, but can also bolster physical health through healthy living, excitement and a positive outlook.