[caption id="attachment_32678" align="alignright" width="270"]Oak Crest Village Certified Wildlife Habitat Oak Crest Village Certified Wildlife Habitat[/caption]

Whether searching for a senior living community for yourself or an assisted living facility for an aging parent, you likely have a list of amenities that the community should have so it meets your lifestyle requirements. Does the community allow pets? Check. Does it value spirituality? Check. Does it have a swimming pool? Check. Now there is another amenity you can add to the list:  Does the community incorporate sustainability practices into its operations? Sustainable practices result in the saving of energy and water usage, which means lower utility bills, and can also create a more scenic community, in case of having wildlife-friendly habitat.

The goods news is that senior living communities are supporting their residents' efforts to implement sustainability practices, such as by adopting a community-wide recycling program or adding raised beds to grow flowers and vegetables. If eco-friendly senior living is important to you, be sure to check out our list of green senior living communities which we created in recognition of Earth Day. These communities have adopted sustainable practices, whether by becoming ENERGY STAR©certified or incorporating wildlife-friendly habitat practices into their landscaping.  We expect this list to grow as more communities adopt these practices, not only because of the anticipated cost savings, but because it makes business sense since consumers are expecting businesses to be good stewards of the environment.