Welcome Joan's Journeyers. There is nothing like a good story with a happy ending, and I have three tales to tell. Last blog Journeyers met Sylvia and Sassy. By asking for help from residents, friends, and the nearby veterinary clinic, Sassy received needed veterinary care and is thriving.

Tina and Mavia, a dear, handsome black rescue cat, flourish with continued outreach of ongoing pet services from their pet rescue adoption agency, the Sammy Foundation.

Mia, my former fabulous rescue cat, and her Daddy, Howard, share a good life as roommates in their comfortable Baltimore home. From Santa Monica, I have the frequent joy of streaming-live video with Howard and Mia. Why did I leave my healthy, adoring, beautiful Mia behind when cats are allowed at my senior living community? The answer is simple: I unconditionally love Mia, and I followed what my long-time and trusted Baltimore veterinarian advised.

Learn more about why Joan decided to re-home her beloved Mia and unexpectedly found a new friend to share her senior living experience in Joan’s Journey, Part 35.

Joan London is a freelance medical and social service writer who specializes in topics on aging. London moved from Maryland to California to enjoy life in a senior living community and enhance her quality of life by living closer to her children and grandchildren.