Margery Fridstein - Bio photoWhile many people have experienced retirement living indirectly by visiting elderly friends and relatives at an assisted living or nursing home, most don’t realize that retirement communities have changed dramatically in recent years. Jell-o pudding and Bingo are now relics of the past. Today’s seniors remain much more active and reside in much nicer surroundings than ever before.

Giving us a window into the world of today’s retirement communities, Margery Fridstein will be chronicling her experience living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Colorado in our new series, “The Last Stop.” A retired psychotherapist, author and grandparent, Margery openly shares the ups and downs of her life at a CCRC.

Here is a brief excerpt:

There is no doubt in my mind that my CCRC is the right place for me and I know it is my last stop. I am so glad Bob and I made this choice five years ago when we were physically and mentally sound. Maybe psychologically I wasn’t ready to face my last stop, but fortunately I had someone to lead me. And our four adult married children applauded the choice for it being our choice and not having to make a decision for us.

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