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Recently, many studies have proved the fact that animals can help in almost every stage of health care and recovery.   They are used to comfort patients in the hospital, and are used to help many with devastating disabilities go through physical therapy.  Furthermore, many are starting to believe that beyond simple happiness for elderly, animals can actually be beneficial for extending their life. This discovery has made many nursing homes start to allow animals.  Generally patients bring their cats, and sometimes their dogs, but horses are obviously not a pet they can easily bring into or care for in a nursing home. Allison, a former Certified Nursing Assisted from Minnesota, is working to change this, by collecting donations to be able to bring her miniature horses into nursing homes.

Half Pint Horses

When Allison worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she found that many of her residents were lonely, and seeking any form of companionship.   That is why her favorite aspect of the job was visiting the residents.

Where she lived in Minnesota,  many individuals had grown up with horses and had been forced to accept the fact that they would never see a horse again.

So, Allison started Half Pint Horses and began to collect donations to be able to take these horses into the nursing homes.  So far, it has been a success.   She has been able to visit a couple nursing homes and the horses were able to remind the residents of some happy childhood memories.   Even those who weren't able to get out of bed were comforted and calmed when they were able to pet and see the miniature horses.

Though, miniature horses might not be coming to a nursing home in your local city, there are many organizations who are trying to bring animals to those who are sick or elderly.   There is no doubt that the companionship, and comfort that an individual can get from simply petting an animal can help them through difficult times.  If you are having a question about whether or not you should bring your pet to your new community check out this article.

Do you have a great story about animals in your nursing home or community, please let us know!