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You’re strong now. You can get around with ease, you still drive, and home maintenance is getting kind of annoying but you still love to be in your home. Why leave your space now for one of those nursing homes?

Perhaps you haven’t considered all your options. Enjoying life at a CCRC

Today’s continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) shatter the myth that all senior living communities are “old folks’ homes” where octogenarians sit around all day. Today’s retirement communities offer multiple levels of care all on one campus for a wide age range.

The active, independent senior can enjoy residential living, with all the freedoms of living at home and none of the burdens of maintenance. As care needs change, that same person can receive higher levels of care (assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, hospice) without ever having to uproot and move. The arrangement is perfect for couples where one spouse needs a higher level of care than the other as well as singles looking for a community to grow with them over time.

A new video from describes the lifestyle options and levels of care available in a CCRC.

“If something happens to me I got assisted living that can help me out, I got skilled nursing…and while I’m in trouble but getting good care, [my wife] is still here with her friends and with the routine that she’s established,” says one resident of White Sands La Jolla in La Jolla, Calif. “And so it takes a lot of uncertainty and a lot of risk out of our future life.”

To learn more about CCRCs, watch the video, “Levels of Care in a Continuing Care Retirement Community.” is one of California’s largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities. Learn more about your lifestyle options at

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