Aging can be difficult no matter where you live, but Hollywood stars face added pressures and scrutiny. Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd and Linda Evans recently shared with Oprah what it's like to age in the public eye, noting that fans who see them in real life are often disappointed because they're accustomed to a glossy cover image on a magazine, which is often quite different from reality. beauty

Teri Hatcher sparked interest last August by publishing pictures of herself without makeup while making various facial expressions that accentuated her wrinkles to illustrate that she has not had Botox injections. For her Oprah appearance on September 30th, Hatcher took things a step further by filming herself from the moment she wakes up through her daily transformation in preparation for shooting Desperate Housewives.

Fans were shocked to see bags, dark circles and -- gasp! -- wrinkles. Hatcher admits to having used Botox and other fillers in the past, but has since decided to allow the aging process to occur naturally -- and with grace. It takes about one and a half hours to transform the now Botox-free Hatcher from pillow to camera-ready. The whole process was liberating for Hatcher, and enlightening to fans and women everywhere, offering an honest look at what beauty really is.

Cybill Shepherd admits to suffering from a poor self-image after agonizing over the touched-up images of her that appeared in publications. Shepherd says it was frustrating that the glossy magazine shots didn't look anything like her own face in the mirror. According to Shepherd, reaching 60 was a turning point when she realized that beauty isn't the most important thing in life. She advises women to find something they can love about their bodies.

Linda Evans, the star of Dynasty, took a different approach and decided to have plastic surgery at age 50 -- not because she thought she had to, but because it's something she wanted to do for herself. Whatever your approach to aging, recognize that the images we see each day in advertisements are often much different than the real person standing in front of the camera, and that real beauty lies within.

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