As I sit at my desk enjoying the warm beach air and sunshine, weather reporters are warning of the East Coast whiteout-blizzard conditions from snowstorm Juno. Millions of people are affected. For assistance, they may rely on the American Red Cross—which brings our blog to a perfect segue.

Our last Joan's Journey concluded with an ambulance speedily driving me to a nearby hospital. A few hours earlier, I awoke with a massive headache above my right eye and extreme pressure in my eye. Soon, a sharper pain hit my eye. Suddenly, the pain subsided, but my eye felt extremely teary.

"This is so weird," I thought as I walked to the bathroom to look in the mirror. To my horror, my right eye looked like the worst Halloween monster eye one can imagine.

"Think," I said to myself. "What to do?"

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Joan London is a freelance medical and social service writer who specializes in topics on aging. London moved from Maryland to California to enjoy life in a senior living community and enhance her quality of life by living closer to her children and grandchildren.