The search for senior housing can be a daunting task.  Yes, you can find advice online or through professional agencies, but you are rarely able to get advice from someone who has been through it themselves.  That  is why we partnered with Joan London to create a new blog series focused on her search for senior housing.  She takes you through every step of the process, allowing you to get a first hand account of her journey.   We hope you will be able to learn from her experiences and use them for your own search.  Moreover, we hope that this blog series helps ease your concerns over moving yourself or your aging loved one.

Joan London

Joan London is a freelance writer living in Baltimore, MD. Since retiring in 2007 from a more than 30-year career in journalism and public relations, London spends much of her time traveling to and from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to visit her three children and four grandchildren in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. “Geminis love to travel,” says London.

When not writing, traveling or working as a volunteer advocate, London enjoys surfing the Web, going to movies and most of all, spending time with her grandchildren. She also finds time to be a consumer advocate/expert witness for the Food and Drug Administration and the Maryland Governor’s Task Force on Chronic Illnesses and Related Diseases.

“I love being a senior,” says London. “We have so much flexibility and so many choices.”

Her Search

For the last 10 years, Joan has lived a very comfortable, and fun life in Baltimore.  It wasn't until a recent surgery, left her alone and unable to speak for a couple weeks, that she realized she missed being close to children.  Furthermore, the harsh Baltimore winters have been getting harder for her to handle.  So, Joan decided to take the leap and begin to look for senior communities on the West Coast, where all three of her children live.

So in the next couple of months Joan will be traveling to Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., and Palm Springs to visit Senior communities.   Check out her latest blog post to follow her journey across the country to the west coast.