Joan's Journey is back! Joan has been busy traveling across the west coast in her search for senior housing. Her latest excursion was an 11 day visit to Southern California to continue her search. Now, after a brief stop in Houston to visit some friends, she has returned to Baltimore to consider all the communities she has seen. She even thinks she has a front runner! Comment below with your best guess on where her favorite community is, Seattle, San Francisco or Southern California?

Stalled In Baltimore

Despite, Joan's discovery of a great community, she has been forced to stall her move out west.  Joan, like many seniors, has been hit hard by the housing market. Though, she is ready to move to senior housing, the depressed condo sales in her area are making that move difficult. In the three months her condo has been on market she has not received a single inquiry. This has forced Joan to consider other alternatives, such as a short sale or leasing out her condo.  She remains positive that this is just setback and she will still make the move out west.  But until then, she is forced to deal with the realities of trying to sell her condo.   Read about her recent journey and her struggle to sell her condo here. Then come back here and share your experiences about trying to sell your home in this economy.