Welcome Joan's Journeyers. On a trip to Los Angeles last fall, my dear friend Sondra Katz and I went to the trendy Rockwell Comedy Club,Joan London - 061614 where tables and chairs form a circle around the stage. As we approached the reservation desk, we were handed placards with our table number. Under the table number read, "You are exactly where you are meant to be."

I thought, "Isn't that an odd saying for a table reservation card?"

Since I had spent the past three days looking at available senior housing in Los Angeles, and the past 18 months trying to sell my condo in Baltimore, the placard seemed to be talking directly to me. I stared at it as we walked to our table, glanced at it from time to time as the dinner and show progressed, and finally put the placard into my purse.

The placard has remained with me throughout my long journey from a condo in suburban Baltimore to senior living at Holiday Villa East (HVE) in Santa Monica. The placard now sits in a place of honor on my bedroom dressing table next to a most cherished picture of my deceased parents, George and Adele London. I read the inscription frequently as a reminder to remain in the moment and allow my journey of senior living to unfold.

Joan London, a former Houston Chronicle newspaper correspondent, is a freelance medical and social service writer. Ms. London recently moved from Baltimore to a senior housing residence in Santa Monica, CA, where she is closer to her children and grandchildren.

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