Welcome Joan's Journeyers. I apologize, sort of, for the cliffhanger or "teaser," as I ended our last blog with "Wam!Oliver - 052314 Boom! Whoosh through the air -- like a cartoon character, I flew from the floor, my body in the air, landing face down on the platform" at my grandson Oliver's 4th Birthday Party in Los Angeles.

What happened next?

After a few seconds of coming to grip with the accident, I knew something was terribly wrong with my hand, arm and shoulder to my neck. They felt dead -- not painful -- dead.

The very last thing I wanted was to ruin Oliver's party -- especially since he has warmed my heart on an earlier trip with a special party invitation. Quickly and quietly my son Mark and his friend Steve moved me away from the party play equipment. We waited for an ambulance to rush me to Cedars Sinai Medical Center Emergency Room. From the play area, Oliver sadly waved as the paramedics carried me on a stretcher to the ambulance. I told Oliver I was very sorry to leave early from his fun party.

Joan London, a former Houston Chronicle newspaper correspondent, is a freelance medical and social service writer. Ms. London recently moved from Baltimore to a senior housing residence in Santa Monica, CA, where she is closer to her children and grandchildren.

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