Welcome back to Joan's Journey Blog! It's been a long four months since my last Joan's Journey, which was written from Suburban Baltimore.Sunny Santa Monica Beach - 042914 Now I'm happily settled in a senior living community in Santa Monica, blocks from the Santa Monica Beach and its famous Pier.

Last December, I was struggling to sell my condo and move across country to senior living in Southern CA. On this sunny spring morning, I awoke at Holiday Villa East, a short-or-long-term hotel for seniors near the Pacific Ocean and close to my children and grandchildren -- a dream come true!

How did this happen? What occurred since last December to change my life?

After 25 months on the market, my condo in Baltimore simply would not sell. Facing a bleak winter ahead, I flew to Los Angeles on January 29 for a 2-week visit with family and touring senior residences. Twelve days later, Feb.10 at 4:15p, PST, is a time I will never forget.

I walked into my grandson Oliver's Birthday Party at a children's gym and party house in LA. I greeted a few adults. The youngsters were on the play equipment on a raised platform. As I moved along the floor at the rim of the platform, folks were talking and watching the children. I didn't notice a concrete ramp on the floor that led to the trampoline.

Wam! Boom! Whoosh through the air -- like a cartoon character, I flew from the floor, my body in the air, landing face down on the platform. No question, my first Hollywood party entrance was a real hard hit.

What circumstances since that fateful Feb. 10 accounts for my waking up today a resident of Holiday Villa East Senior Hotel? Join me in the continuation of Joan's Journey, as I share the details from last December to present day and onward. SeniorHomes.com and I invite you to share your journey by offering experiences, comments, and suggestions in the Comment Box.

I'm enthusiastic to be blogging again with Joan's Journey followers and new Journeyers. Posts will occur at the beginning and middle of each month. Until the next Joan's Journey, enjoy the trip day by day.

Joan London, a former Houston Chronicle correspondent and noted magazine writer/editor, now specializes in freelance writing/editing of issues relating to seniors. London recently moved to a senior community in Southern California, where she has enhanced her quality of life and is closer to her children and grandchildren. Follow her series, Joan's Journey, on SeniorHomes.com.