Joan’s Journey takes a big leap forward with the sale of Joan’s Baltimore condo.

joan's journey part 8: miracles do happenIn late August, a lovely senior couple, referred by a neighbor, visited my condo and made a bid — in 45 minutes. The couple, apparently rapid decision-makers, had done their homework, knew the neighborhood and available condos for sale, and offered a contract. Nine months without a serious looker, then one buyer in 45 minutes! Yes, miracles do happen.

Three weeks have passed, documents have been delivered to the mortgage company and a deposit is on hold by my realtor. The dollar amount offered by the prospective buyer is considerably less than the amount owed on the condo. This is called a “Short Sale.” Marsha, a Joan’s Journeyer from Houston, responded to an early blog and informed us of this type of sale. Thank you, Marsha.

Moving On Up

The difficult task now is to wait for the mortgage company response and to downsize the items I’ve avoided losing. Each item needs a photo and descriptive tag for the second-hand furniture shop. One tag reads, “For sale: Two matching dark wood cocktail tables with black tops, CAT not included.”

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