Welcome Joan's Journey Readers! Responses to Parts 1 and 2 about my search for senior housing have been heartwarming.

Danie Scott commented, "Try before you buy. Even if you rent, try not to enter into long-term agreements before living there for a while ... one person's heaven can be another's hell. There's no way of knowing until you experience it yourself."

Lisa Baehr of Retirement.org posted Joan's Journey on the Facebook pages of retirement.org affiliate communities. A resident of Mirabella Seattle suggested, "Look for compatible people, large space and good food."

Sound suggestions for my senior housing search. What's your advice?

My upcoming installment will describe the emotional process of selling my beloved condo and leaving Baltimore to relocate to the West Coast. On Jan. 31, I'll travel to Palm Springs and areas surrounding Los Angeles. Check out Seniorhomes.com for future installments of Joan's Journey.

This entry was written by Joan London. You can read more about her and her search for senior housing by checking out her blog here.