Happy Holidays, bloggers! As we wrap up Christmas and Hanukkah and celebrate the New Year, our thoughts may turn nostalgic. What did we do in 2014 that we prefer to do differently in 2015. Many of us focus on relationships and relationship-building.Welcome Home

For me, in a recent trip "Home" to Baltimore, relationships were the focus of my visit. I relocated from Baltimore to Los Angeles in January 2014, with the expressed intent to be close to my children and grandchildren. Moreover, I was ready to downsize from a large condo where I lived alone, to a senior living community with amenities that would enhance my quality of life.

These first 11 months at Holiday Villa East, a senior residence in Santa Monica, Calif., I remained closely in touch with lifelong family and friends back home. A funny thing happened during this time. I began to refer to Santa Monica and HVE as Home. I surprised myself when I first said to a friend, "I'll call you when I get home,"—meaning California, not Maryland.

On the plane eastbound, I contemplated my emotions visiting the city, family and friends I have known all my life.

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Joan London, a former Houston Chronicle correspondent and noted magazine writer/editor, specializes in freelance writing/editing of issues relating to seniors. London moved to a senior community in Southern California, where she has enhanced her quality of life and is close to her children and grandchildren.