In the timeless tale, The Wizard of Oz, our heroine Dorothy and her endearing companions are warned to remain on the yellow brick road. Had they heeded the Good Witch's advice, they would have avoided powerful trouble. Joan's Journey Beware of Fake MerchandiseThe unforgettable Oz tale haunts me, because recently I had a potentially disastrous adventure. I was lured off the safe road, not by fragrant poppies, but by intoxicating alleged bargain-price designer merchandise.

In recent posts, I've discussed seniors having fun. Living in a senior residence is carefree and offers time to enjoy a variety of in-house activities and explore one's community. In my modus operandi of having fun, I opted for a shopping trip on a budget. To protect the privacy of those involved in my shopping "shame on me," I've invented fictitious names of people, stores and streets. I call my friend, Dorothy.

Learn what happened to Joan when she ventured off the yellow brick road in Joan’s Journey, Part 28.